Making Your House a Home: Introduction

Our homes really should be retreat houses, sanctuaries. When all the madness of the world overpowers us, we should find peace and security in our homes. The structure should be a place of refuge for all who are there. I think many of us desire to have this kind of comfort but aren’t quite sure how to achieve it. Over the next few posts I’m going to write a series about how to make the home a place of peace. It will challenge each of us to change, but I hope during this season we will be able to purge our hearts and our homes of what can be damaging and bring in things that bring about joy.

The first thing I want to point out is that women are the hearts of their homes. It is our responsibility for our families to create this sanctuary for them. I’d also like to add extra emphasis on the word create. This kind of home is built by the wise woman, it doesn’t just come to be by chance. We have to make the commitment to our loved ones that we will serve them in this way.

In order for us to make our houses homes we will use each of the five senses plus a bonus.
1. Sight: The things your family and friends see in your home should feel welcoming and comfortable.
2. Touch: The surfaces of our homes should be comfortable.
3. Taste: A sure sign to a happy home is a well fed family.
4. Hear: The things we receive through our ears can alter our moods, so we should surround ourselves with positive sounds.
5. Smell: When the family comes home at the end of a long day, the smells of the household may be the first thing they receive.
6. Prayer: It is God who brings together families and is the foundations of a home.

Over the next six posts we will work on developing ourselves to become servants to our loved ones and caregivers of our homes. This journey should be more than cleaning and cooking, it should be a lifestyle change that brings tranquility into our lives. As people of faith, we fight a battle each day. When we go home we should find our purpose in fighting that battle. It should be a space for our families to get the rest they need to fight another day tomorrow. The home is a safe house for all who reside there and the woman is what makes the house safe.

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