Exodus 5


5:4 Spending time with God may seem like neglect to others.
5:17 Some may think that quiet time with the Lord is laziness.
5:22 Never know God’s plan and sometimes things get worse before they get better.

We really don’t know what God’s plans are but he wants us to follow and trust him anyway. This is of course very difficult but it is what he wants. Moses is still questioning God’s plan and the Lord knows what is good. Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better and this is a great way for God to determine who is with him. Also, never let those without faith bring you down because of the devotion you have for God.

Lord, may I follow you wherever you wish and to always worship you. Amen.

Exodus 3


3:2 Hello God!
3:7 He is sharing in our pain.
3:8 God promises to give the best.
3:12 He is with Moses and providing the necessary resources.
3:14 God gives himself a name.

God operates outside of physics and promises abundant blessings and knows all plans.

Lord, help me be obedient to your will and call on you by name. 

Exodus 2


2:4 Sister is always looking out.
2:12 and 14 We commit sins then feel shame for them.
2:17 Chivalry, kindness, love thy neighbor.
2:20 Hospitality
2:24 God hears prayers and won’t turn away.

God loves sinners even now. Moses is a killer and he trusts him to lead his people out of Egypt. He does the same thing with David. Which is scary. I’m a huge sinner! What’s he going to ask me to do? I have to be open to it like Mary was. Working on my piety will certainly help. I also really need to work on my hospitality. I would probably say thank you, but not invite someone in my home to eat my food. I like that the chapter ends with God remembering his covenants with the patriarchs and responding to the prayers of his people. Even when we don’t feel him close to us, he’s there listening and waiting for us to be ready.

Lord, you are the potter and I am the clay. I know you hear my prayers and will take them into account as my life moves forward. I know you love me and will tae care of me always. My job is to make sure that I stay flexible like workable like clay so that I amy be your tool on earth. Amen. 

Exodus 1


1:7 God fulfills his promise of making many descendants.
1:12 Blessings through struggle and people don’t like God’s people.
1:17 Obedience to God above all else.

I feel very reassured that God always keeps his promises. Although it took several generations, the descendants of Abraham are now numerous in number. I also find encouraging that through the pain of slavery, the Israelites stayed true to God and saw small blessings in their babies. Even in the darkest night’s we still have a star’s light. I appreciate the example the midwives give by being obedient to God above Pharaoh. They had such courage to do what was right.

Lord, please give me the virtues of the midwives. Amen. 

Genesis 50


50:12 Obedience and honoring father.
50:20 Praise God in good times and bad.
50:19 God alone forgives sins and our job is to love each other through times of trouble.

Even after death we should still be obedient and respectful of our parents. The fourth commandment doesn’t end at death, it is always. Joseph shows that by taking Israel back to the land of Canaan to be buried. I also think that God doesn’t show us his full plan so that we can be repentant and look on the bright side. Yes, we go through struggles but we can take comfort knowing that it is all for a purpose as Joseph mentions to his brother. Finally, I like that Joseph says that only God can forgive their sins and it’s his job to just love his brothers. we cannot take the place of God no matter how hard we try.

Lord, I pray that I always give you due reverence. Amen.