Genesis 32


32:11 Humble yourself! God doesn’t have to answer your prayers. You don’t deserve them. All he has done for you and what little you have done for him. You are unworthy.
32:29 We must be soldiers for Him.
32:33 Kosher, don’t eat hip muscle.

I am so unworthy of the gifts you’ve given and I have no right to ask of more. I turn away from you everyday and give myself or others power over me that belongs to you alone. I thank you for the faithfulness you’ve shown and I’m sorry I haven’t trusted you. Make me your soldier.

I belong to you, Lord. Conform me to your will. Amen.

Genesis 31


31:9 God takes blessings from those who are not thankful and gives it to those who are.
31:42 God sees our troubles and will always help us.
31:50 God sees the things we do in secrecy and will punish accordingly.

God sees all and helps all that call to him. He knows my desires and my struggles and will protect and provide for me.

I trust you, Lord. 

Genesis 30


30:2 Infertility is no one’s fault, it is God’s plan.
30:22 He answers prayers.
30:30 All abundance comes from the Lord.
30:32 Christ called sinners.

I will never be worthy of Christ and he doesn’t want me to be. If I were worthy then he would not have needed to die. He loves me through my sin, but wants better than sin for me. He is calling even in my sin.

You have given me much and all you give is good. I must align my will with yours.

Genesis 29


29:10-11 Love at first sight!

I love the love at first sight in this story. My first reaction is, I hope a man will feel that way about me someday. But, my second reaction, and better one, is that Jesus already feels this way. I am a child of God and he will move stones and kiss and love me everyday. I don’t need an earthly man to do these things when I have a  heavenly one.

Thank you, Lord, for loving me. 

Genesis 28


28:7 Obey parents
28:15 Trust God because he holds his promises.
28:22 Tithe

Jacob was obedient to his parents when it came to finding a wife. God wants me to be obedient to Mom and Dad because he gave them to me to direct my paths. He also wants me to trust him. All he does is good. Do not be afraid. Give bak to him and the growth of His Kingdom always.

Lord, help me to live like this Jacob and to honor you and my parents in everything. 

Genesis 27


27:9-10 Deception against her husband using her son as a pawn.
27:12 Discernment. Listen to the promptings of the Spirit.
27:14 Know how to cook the way your husband likes.
27:35 Lying, cheating, stealing, hurting everyone in the family.
27:42 Alertness, turn the other cheek.

I have to not sin against my family.

Lord, help me to love my family properly. Amen.

Genesis 26



God gives instructions for a greater reason than we realize in the moment. We must be obedient so that we may know later.
21:4 God holds his promise to Abraham through Isaac. He is grandfathered into his blessings.
26:7 History repeats itself when Isaac commits the same sin as his father.
26:20 He lets them have the well and he moves on. Charity.
26:22 God gives great gifts and should be praised.
26:24 God is with us, trust him, he will bless us.

To understand God the way Isaac does, I need to spend more time with him. Having a personal relationship with God is necessary for knowing him Through the knowledge we can establish trust and obedience. Isaac is charitable to the shepherds because God wants him to be and because he knows the things God has for him are great. We need to also follow God in this way.

Lord, help me to know you better and to put forth the effort to spend time with you each and every day.