Exodus 2


2:4 Sister is always looking out.
2:12 and 14 We commit sins then feel shame for them.
2:17 Chivalry, kindness, love thy neighbor.
2:20 Hospitality
2:24 God hears prayers and won’t turn away.

God loves sinners even now. Moses is a killer and he trusts him to lead his people out of Egypt. He does the same thing with David. Which is scary. I’m a huge sinner! What’s he going to ask me to do? I have to be open to it like Mary was. Working on my piety will certainly help. I also really need to work on my hospitality. I would probably say thank you, but not invite someone in my home to eat my food. I like that the chapter ends with God remembering his covenants with the patriarchs and responding to the prayers of his people. Even when we don’t feel him close to us, he’s there listening and waiting for us to be ready.

Lord, you are the potter and I am the clay. I know you hear my prayers and will take them into account as my life moves forward. I know you love me and will tae care of me always. My job is to make sure that I stay flexible like workable like clay so that I amy be your tool on earth. Amen. 

3 Major Financial Goals

I don’t think young people think about finances like they should. We think we are making money therefore we can spend money. At times, we spend more than we have and really get ourselves into trouble. It is important for us to make wise financial habits. Here are three of my financial goals:

  1. Live debt free: This is so important! Debt is like slavery. When we are in debt, everything about our lives can fall apart at any moment. The bank can take our homes, cars, and savings because of debt. We may lose our jobs and create major trouble for our families. It is so important to get out of debt, and stay out!
  2. Invest: Passive income is awesome. You probably don’t want to have to work for the rest of your life so it is important to figure out how to generate passive income. Consider investing in stocks, bonds, and real estate. There are several factors you’ll need to consider, but creating passive income for yourself is a great way to have income in the future.
  3. Save: There is always something to save for whether it’s long term or short term. Short term would be saving for a new computer, long term would be saving for a house. I highly recommend you start saving now. You should be saving up for a home and your retirement. The earlier you start, the more you’ll have later.

Developing financial goals can help all aspects of your future, so set aside a little money each paycheck for the future. Also consider how the decisions you make now can affect the rest of your life. $100,000 in student loans now, $30,000 car loan, $300,000 home loan all adds up to a lot of debt. You will be working the rest of your life just to pay these things off. Take your time and be smart about your money.

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Exodus 1


1:7 God fulfills his promise of making many descendants.
1:12 Blessings through struggle and people don’t like God’s people.
1:17 Obedience to God above all else.

I feel very reassured that God always keeps his promises. Although it took several generations, the descendants of Abraham are now numerous in number. I also find encouraging that through the pain of slavery, the Israelites stayed true to God and saw small blessings in their babies. Even in the darkest night’s we still have a star’s light. I appreciate the example the midwives give by being obedient to God above Pharaoh. They had such courage to do what was right.

Lord, please give me the virtues of the midwives. Amen. 

Learning to Say “No”

Women are called to wear a lot of hats. Wife, mother, housekeeper, launderer, doctor, lover, chef, CFO, CEO, COO. Ugh, the list goes on! Although I am not a wife or mommy yet, I still feel the pressures of wearing a lot of hats: daughter, sister, parishioner, teacher, fried. All these hats come with their own set of activities. I tend to say “yes” to everything and let my plate get too full. This, of course, leads to decreased productivity: stress! So we have to learn how to say “no”. Here are a few tips:

  1. Think it over: Most of the time, an answers isn’t needed right away. Just let people know you will get back to them tomorrow. Take a night to think things over and determining whether or not you can add something else to your plate.
  2. Ask for a second option: Consult with your husband or parents to determine whether they think you have the capacity for something else. Chances are, whatever you are doing is going to take away time with them. They may think you should cut back something you aren’t devoting enough time to them while you think everything is fine. Before you take on anther assignment, consult with them and find out what their needs are.
  3. Prioritize: God needs you first, your family needs you second, you need you third. I have fallen into the temptation of thinking I can do three bible studies at the same time for Christ. This is loony and bummed me out. It also prevented me from connecting my heart to Jesus because I was so worried about doing my homework when I went to chapel. It also took me away from my family three nights per week. That is a lot of time away. Set your priorities wisely and stick to them.

My final thought on this is don’t worry about other’s feelings when you say no to the second book club. If they ask why, tell them your plate is full and most people will understand. It is okay to say “no,” let’s start saying it more often.

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Genesis 50


50:12 Obedience and honoring father.
50:20 Praise God in good times and bad.
50:19 God alone forgives sins and our job is to love each other through times of trouble.

Even after death we should still be obedient and respectful of our parents. The fourth commandment doesn’t end at death, it is always. Joseph shows that by taking Israel back to the land of Canaan to be buried. I also think that God doesn’t show us his full plan so that we can be repentant and look on the bright side. Yes, we go through struggles but we can take comfort knowing that it is all for a purpose as Joseph mentions to his brother. Finally, I like that Joseph says that only God can forgive their sins and it’s his job to just love his brothers. we cannot take the place of God no matter how hard we try.

Lord, I pray that I always give you due reverence. Amen.