Genesis 29


29:10-11 Love at first sight!

I love the love at first sight in this story. My first reaction is, I hope a man will feel that way about me someday. But, my second reaction, and better one, is that Jesus already feels this way. I am a child of God and he will move stones and kiss and love me everyday. I don’t need an earthly man to do these things when I have a  heavenly one.

Thank you, Lord, for loving me. 

Making Your House a Home: Prayer

Well this has been fun several weeks. It’s sad that we are at an end for this journey of creating a sanctuary for our families. I felt it was only fitting to complete this series with prayer.

This was a major project we have embarked on together and it is wise to speak with Our Captain about it. Christ should be the center of our lives, therefore he must be the center four homes. We cannot change anything without the grace of God so pray with him often about your home and your family. He is true rest and peace therefore he only way for your family to experience the peace we have been working on the past couple days, is by drawing closer to Jesus. Make family prayer a daily part of your routine.

It your family isn’t strong in faith, make praying for them a daily part of your routine. Ask Jesus, Mary, and St. Monica for help in turning the hearts of your loved ones to the one that is peace.

The goal of this series to create a place of refreshment for our loved ones and to encourage families to be together. My prayer is that I can achieve these things in my own household and encourage all of you while you do the same in your household. I hope you felt challenged to change how aspects of you home ran and that we will all make the necessary changes for the good of the family.

May the Lord bless your home.

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Genesis 28


28:7 Obey parents
28:15 Trust God because he holds his promises.
28:22 Tithe

Jacob was obedient to his parents when it came to finding a wife. God wants me to be obedient to Mom and Dad because he gave them to me to direct my paths. He also wants me to trust him. All he does is good. Do not be afraid. Give bak to him and the growth of His Kingdom always.

Lord, help me to live like this Jacob and to honor you and my parents in everything. 

Making Your a House a Home: Smell

I read once that scent memories are the strongest memories we have. We associate people, places, and situations with scent more often than any other sense. I find that interesting and a little troubling. I have very distinct memories of the scent in my great-grandmother’s house, or the smell of the first apple pie I ever made, and the stench of the car after picking up my brother from football practice. All these memories are triggered when I smell something similar now. We should work on creating good memories to associate with good smells.

I have also done some reading on the benefits of aroma therapy. It may be mumbo jumbo, but I like sweet smelling things and I’m sure they can have a positive impact on the moods of my loved ones. Apparently, things that smell nice can improve one’s mental health when it comes to things like depression, anxiety, and stress. I’m willing to guess that most of us experience these things regularly to some degree. If these are feelings or imbalances our loved ones are suffering with, then science my be able to help.

A few things to help you get sweet aromas into your home are:
1. Candles: My dad and I don’t really like candles. he says they’re dangerous so he doesn’t mind the jar ones. I think they’re a waste of money.
2. Air diffusers: I bought a cute little pink one when I was like 16 and I liked it a lot. I just put a few drops of oil on a little pad and turned on the fan. Then my room smelled like apple pie. Of course, this made me hungry.
3. Nature: Forget the artificial stuff! Crack some windows and have flowers around your home to create natural smells in your home. Nothing can beat open windows and flowers, plus it’s better for the air inside your home. Open windows can remove interior pollutants and plants can purify the air in your home.

I don’t know much about aroma therapy or how the brain associates memories with scents but I do know I like things that smell nice. My only caution to you would be to keep the artificial scents to a minimum. I prefer for things to be as close to God made as possible so I tend to embrace essential oils rather than room spritzers.

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Genesis 27


27:9-10 Deception against her husband using her son as a pawn.
27:12 Discernment. Listen to the promptings of the Spirit.
27:14 Know how to cook the way your husband likes.
27:35 Lying, cheating, stealing, hurting everyone in the family.
27:42 Alertness, turn the other cheek.

I have to not sin against my family.

Lord, help me to love my family properly. Amen.

Make Your House a Home: Sound

What our brains receive through sounds can impact our mood tremendously. Studies have been done on plants and babies to determine how classical music can affect development and growth. Apparently classical music is very good for the cells. Because of this, we need to pay attention to the sounds we are subjecting our families to.

One day I heard a story about a small family and their bedtime routine. After playtime, Mom and Dad would tell the children to get themselves ready for bed and meet in the living room. In the meantime, Mom would turn on slow, quiet music that would help them become drowsy, while Dad turned the lights down in the house. Once teeth were brushed and jammies were on, the family would sit in the living room together and review the day. They would praise one another, apologize for tier transgressions, then read scripture together. But the time they did all of this, the little ones were sleepy.

I often like to go for walks outside and listen to the sounds of nature. I love the sound of river water on a dam, birds chirping, and the whisper of the wind. These sounds bring me comfort and joy because they pull me closer to the Creator.

What we hear in our homes can draw us closer to one another and closer to God. I don’t want to raise children around foul language, and raised voices so it is best to keep things like that out of the home. Try filling your household with classical music, smooth jazz, and the sounds of nature. Let these things fill your mind and the minds of your loved ones. Many know the importance of sound, which is why spas use sound machines with nature music on them.

My challenge for today is to remove negative sounds from your home and replace them with sounds that foster growth and development.

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Genesis 26



God gives instructions for a greater reason than we realize in the moment. We must be obedient so that we may know later.
21:4 God holds his promise to Abraham through Isaac. He is grandfathered into his blessings.
26:7 History repeats itself when Isaac commits the same sin as his father.
26:20 He lets them have the well and he moves on. Charity.
26:22 God gives great gifts and should be praised.
26:24 God is with us, trust him, he will bless us.

To understand God the way Isaac does, I need to spend more time with him. Having a personal relationship with God is necessary for knowing him Through the knowledge we can establish trust and obedience. Isaac is charitable to the shepherds because God wants him to be and because he knows the things God has for him are great. We need to also follow God in this way.

Lord, help me to know you better and to put forth the effort to spend time with you each and every day.