Learning Through Liturgy


Learning Through Liturgy is a bible study I have created to help share the beauty of Catholicism with people. I am a convert and one of  the things I found during my conversion journey was that there is a lot of information out there about Catholics. Some of it online is good and true, some is ugly and incorrect. I wanted to provide a resource for people who were like me and walking on a spiritual journey searching for answers to why the Church does the things she does and teaches the things she teaches.

I found that each week in the Mass, the readings inspire a particular theme that can help answer questions the faithful may have. I used the readings as the foundation for Learning Through Liturgy. Each day we study a different reading from the week and use it to discover more about the Church. Each week, I have created a video to help fill in the gaps and explain the answer to the questions. I do this using our beautiful 2,000 years of Church history by quoting saints, popes, the catechism, and the scriptures. One of the things you will hear me say often is that the Church stands on a three legged stool: Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium (the popes and bishops). I believe standing on a three legged stool is a lot more safe than a pogo stick of just Scripture. That is why I utilize so many references in the study.

If you would like a preview of the course you can check out my free Lent study which is the same format at the rest of the Learning Through Liturgy course, and you can check out the introductory video for the program below.

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