The Impact of Climate Change on Coral

This post is amazing, especially the last paragraph. The first I saw of the horrors occurring on the Great Barrier Reef (and all coral reefs around the globe) was on a BBC Earth special. We all need to take what is going on in our oceans very seriously and work to restore and reverse the negative impact we’ve had.


Millennial writer Nichole Flores writes:

Netflix’s documentary “Chasing Coral” (2017) recounts the journey of a team of coral scientists determined to unveil a problem hidden beneath the surface of the global climate change debate: the bleaching—and eventual death—of vast stretches of the world’s coral reefs, including the vibrantly captivating and economically crucial ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Oceans have already reached levels of warming that threaten the survival of the coral. Coral responds to a temperature fluctuation of even 2 degrees Celsius by expelling the algae grown within their body tissues, losing their characteristic resplendent colors. The coral skeleton turns ghostly white, a sign that the coral animal is on the verge of death. Once an uncommon occurrence, the number of bleaching events has spiked in the past 30 years as oceans have continued to warm….

The passion for coral at the heart of this documentary…

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Dream St. Louis Trip

st. louis.jpg

City number 9! This is the last city on the first leg of my cross country road trip (at least the loose plan that I have of one). If you have missed the first 8 Dream City Trips, click here.

This post is about the delightful city of St. Louis. Here are the top six things I’d like to see:

  1. Gateway Arch: This is the best known monument in St. Louis. It is 630 feet tall and made with stainless steel. Made to commemorate the westward exploration of Lewis and Clark and the expansion of the United States. It is the western hemisphere’s largest manmade monument.
  2. Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis: I cannot imagine how excited I would be to see this church. It is the heart of the Archdiocese of St. Louis and it is huge! Built in a Neo-Byzantine Romanesque Revival architectural style.
  3. Missouri Botanical Garden: I think there has been a botanical garden or conservatory in every one of the posts in this series, but this one has a butterfly house! I have loved butterflies ever since my mom told me when you see a butterfly you should think of your deceased loved ones.
  4. National Blues Museum: The blues have been an integral part of American history since its inception. The blues is a heartfelt musical style offering a creative outlet for the misunderstood and mistreated. This interactive museum was created to share the history of the blues.
  5. Pulitzer Arts Foundation: This small gallery hosts a range of contemporary exhibit. Many of the museums in this series are big and well known. It would be good to compliment the big museums, with this smaller one which has unique exhibits. Then I can feel like a Catholic millennial hipster.
  6. Laclede’s Landing Wax Museum: I have never seen a wax museum. They look incredibly creepy and strange. But hey, I can check it off my bucket list and never have to see a plastic, life-size, replica of a human being.

St. Louis seems like such a fun city. While doing my research on these top six places, there were several other sights I would like to see. If you have any recommendations, please put them in the comments below.

I have greatly enjoyed putting together this series so far. There are a total of 53 cities I would like to eventually put on this list. For now, we will stick with the first 9 cities. I hope you enjoyed the series so far and looking forward to more content. It is my sincere hope to do a travel diary or blog for each of these cities, so please subscribe.

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Dream Dubuque Trip


I’m sure there are a great many of you who have never heard of the city of Dubuque. It is the 10th largest city in Iowa and has a population of over 58,000 people. I don’t know a single thing about this city, so after some research, here are the six things I’d like to see if I ever have the opportunity to take my epic cross country road trip:

  1. National Mississippi River Museum: The Mississippi is the largest river in the country. It has played a vital role in the economy of the center of our country since the beginning. Even Lincoln used it to make money as a young man.
  2. Mines of Spain Recreation Area: If I had a dog, this is where I would take him. 1380 acres of woods and prairie sound like a great place to take a jog and enjoy God’s creation. I’m sure spending time in this natural environment after weeks of road tripping would warm the soul.
  3. St. Raphael’s Cathedral: The heart of the Archdiocese of Dubuque is this beautiful gothic revival (my favorite) architectural style. The pictures look like it has a wooden altar and confessionals. The painting behind the altar look like the apostles and the Blessed Mother. Basically, it is a must see for the Catholic millennial road trip.
  4. Dubuque Museum of Art: As you know if you have been following this series, I love a museum. Art can be a great conversation starter and this place looks like it embraces a lot of photography.
  5. Ham House: This Victorian style home shows what life was like for a wealthy lead mining family in the 1800s.
  6. Stone Cliff Winery: I don’t drink wine (unless it is transubstantiated into the Blood of Christ). But fancy people go to wine tastings. I can pretend to know a thing or two about the science of wine…I think.

After doing some research, Dubuque seems like a precious midwestern gem. I’d love to have the opportunity to see these things and many of the beautiful people who call it home. I you have any recommendations of things to see, put them in the comments below. If you have missed any of the other cities in my Dream City Trips series, click here. Subscribe so you don’t miss any future posts, and a travel diary if I’m lucky.

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Dream Minneapolis St. Paul Trip


I’m not sure where we are on this cross country road trip dream journey, but today is about Minneapolis/St. Paul. Here are my top six must see destinations:

  1. Minneapolis Sculpture Garden: This 11 acre park is home to a giant cherry on a spoon. And I’m sure you’re asking yourselves, “Is that the only  reason you want to go?” Yes, yes it is.
  2. Mill City Museum: I love baking and this is a real mill. Well, an old mill’s ruin. Now it’s an interactive museum dedicated to flour.
  3. Minneapolis Institute of Art: This place is described as having exhibits “from mummies to Monet”. The current special exhibit is called Eyewitness Views: Making History in 18th Century Europe. It sounds like it takes accounts of events in the 1700s and puts them into art.
  4. Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge: Although this is technically not in Minneapolis/St. Paul, I still think it is a place to see. This wildlife refuge is home to a variety of creatures including out national bird, the bald eagle.
  5. American Swedish Institute: I don’t know much about the Swedish, but they have a handsome prince that kinda looks like Orlando Bloom. The old mansion is an art and cultural center highlighting Swedish history.
  6. Cathedral of St. Paul: As always a road trip for a Catholic millennial is incomplete without a trip to the cathedral of the Archdiocese St. Paul. Built in a classical revival style and it looks just grand. The coolest thing I’ve seen in the pictures, an altar rail!

If you have missed any of the posts in this series, click here. If you have seen any of these places or have some you would like to recommend that are not on this list, comment below. Subscribe for more Dream City Trips and maybe a travel diary some day.

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Dream Milwaukee Trip



Here we are again for another installment of my Dream City Trips. If you’ve missed any of the others, you can catch up here. Basically the idea is I have a dream (like Rapunzel) to see our beautiful country one Roman Catholic diocese at a time. I would like to visit each of the archdiocese and all of the 50 states. Therefore, this series documents six things from each city I would like to see. I would love to make this trip an epic year and a half long road trip, but we’ll see how that works. For now, let’s go through some cool places in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

  1. Harley Davidson Museum: If I’m honest, I don’t really like or care about motorcycles. But Harley Davidson is an American icon. I guess it would be kinda cool to check it out.
  2. Pabst Theater: I’m pretty sure this place is named after the beer. We midwesterners take our domestic brews very seriously. But I’m not a drinker, so I’d go for the theater. I’ve never been to a concert before and Kari Jobe will be there this fall. I like Kari Jobe and a Christian concert would be the perfect compliment to the Catholic millennial road trip.
  3. Discovery World: This place is an interactive hands-on science and technology center. It looks like it has exhibits for many of the different branches of science including biology, physics, and engineering.
  4. Villa Terrace Decorative Art Museum: This beautiful place houses art and homewares from the 15th to 18th centuries. It would be lovely to see some of the different rooms to compare and contrast their pieces.
  5. Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist Cathedral: This cathedral is built in a Zopfstil (German neoclassical) style. The top cross looks like a monstrance with a center circle and rays poking out. The interior looks grand with massive pipes for the organ, tall pillars, and what I think is a giant crown of thorns hovering over the altar.
  6. Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory: Ya’ll know I love plants and conservatories. I think there are three domes: desert dome, tropical dome, and floral show dome. They have a really cool exhibit right now of beautiful purple flowers everywhere. It’s a bit of a bummer it will be over at the end of summer. If any of my readers happen to see it, please send photos; purple is my favorite color.

If you have any ideas of places to see or tips for traveling, please put them in the comments below. Subscribe for more posts in this series and to see a Milwaukee Travel Diary, someday.

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Dream Detroit Trip


Today is Part 5 of the Dream City Trip series, let’s take a look at six amazing attractions in the city of Detroit, Michigan:

  1. Ford Field: Home to the Detroit Lions, Ford Field is one of the most well known stadiums in the NFL. If I do go to a Lions game, I hope they play my Chicago Bears and I will wear my navy and orange with pride.
  2. Detroit Historical Museum: This museum demonstrates the long history of Detroit. Like many, I associate the city with American cars, but this museum shows how the city has played a part in our country’s history.
  3. Dosing Great Lakes Museum: Living near one of the Great Lakes, this museum sounds like a place I can learn so much about my home.  The coolest exhibit I’ve seen online is the Gothic Room which is inspired by the gentleman’s lounge on the City of Detroit III.
  4. Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament: Of course, a road trip for the Catholic millennial included this spectacular decorated gothic revival cathedral. This church looks like it belongs in medieval Europe. It’s big, it’s tall, it’s beautiful.
  5. Heidelberg Project: This is a fascinating community art project. The outdoor gallery exposes all people of all backgrounds to thought provoking masterpieces. The creators of the space believed in improving the community from the inside through art.
  6. Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory: This place looks gorgeous! It has five distinct sections. They are palm house, tropical house, cactus house, fernery, and show house. I love the pictures of the large glass dome and I hope to see it in person.

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The Sins of My Mother


I found this verse spoke to my heart very strongly recently and I’ve been rolling it over in my head for awhile. One of my greatest challenges is trust; trusting God, trusting family, trusting friends, trusting people in general. I live in pretty constant anxiety because I can’t trust. Living one’s life with the fear of someone hurting you or taking advantage of you can have a devastating impact on quality of life. I find myself incapable of sharing my heart fully with anyone, causing me to feel alone, isolated, and misunderstood. And since I have a tough time trusting God, it makes it hard to have hope also.

My mother is the one that taught me not to trust anyone. She watches far too much Law&Order and Lifetime Movie Network. I remember her coming into my room at night when I was young to tell me all the awful things people (mostly men) do to other people (mostly women): mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse. She often told me never to trust a police officer, a fireman, a religious leader, a teacher, a doctor. No one can be trusted. A couple months ago my brother asked her if there was anyone in the world she trusts and she said no. My parents have been together for over 30 years, both my mother’s siblings are nearby, and my grandmother is still alive. But even with all that family and childhood friends, there is no one in the world she trusts.

One of the greatest challenges with this is my mom doesn’t even care. I’ve tried talking to her about it and she says, “I didn’t want you to be afraid, I want you to be aware,” “Well you know you have this problem, you can fix it,” “I managed to get married and live a normal life, if you want it bad enough you’ll figure it out.” But I have found it to be very difficult trying to sort out my feelings of loneliness, alone. I really do want to have friends and relationships, but I’m afraid and insecure.

I often like to finish my posts with a bow of completion, but that’s inauthentic. I haven’t figured out this problem yet and maybe some of you can help me. Do you have any advice or recommendations on how I can move forward in my life, learning to trust and connect with people. Please let me know your ideas. Thanks in advance.