About Me

Writing an About Me page turned out to be surprisingly difficult. Pretty much the extent of what I am capable of describing myself is found in the sidebar. So I enrolled the help of my little brother, Keith. This is what he came up with:

Faith: Probably the first thing you will notice about my sister is her devotion to keeping her title as a devout Catholic. She hasn’t missed a Sunday Mass since her baptism a few years ago, she contributes 10% for tithe every time, and is always ready to help with the next generation in her Religious Education courses. I hope this impresses a few but to be honest even I don’t really care much about this. You see, just because she helps out at the church and attends Mass is not enough of a reason to call her a devout Catholic. The reason I call her this is because she truly embodies the teachings of the bible. She doesn’t go to Mass because she has to, she does it because she wants to have that time to connect with God. She doesn’t teach children because she wants more people like her, she does it because she genuinely wants these kids to learn and make their own decisions based on all of the information they could possibly have. I realized this about her when I asked her about how she would intend to raise her own kids, and I was astonished when she said she would be perfectly happy letting her kids explore other religions. She doesn’t want to force religion on anyone, she wants people to have the information to form their own opinions and hopefully, choose what is right for them.

Fandom: When it comes to Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Marvel, or Game of Thrones I’m not entirely sure what her favorite franchise would be, and frankly her head might explode just contemplating such a difficult question. She seems to enjoy the fantastical worlds portrayed in these series not just because there’s magic and dragons, but because of the political intrigue emphasized in them. All of these series do a great job engaging their audience with the characters and their plights throughout. Lexie is usually going to be your go to for some of the more obscure references or callbacks in these series because of how much she has seen of them. I distinctly remember a few stretches of time where she would wake up and fall asleep to some of these movies. She binges the entire Game of Thrones series every year at least once and she’s the only persons I know who has seen classic Doctor Who. When she becomes interested in something, it certainly shows.

Family: At the end of the day my sister puts a lot of emphasis on family. Yes she still enjoys her many fandoms but she enjoys them with her family and even if we are not all Catholic she still loves and respects us. Lexie has been there for each and every one of us when we needed her most, she’s very good at assessing the situation and knowing that she may need to be the one that’s strong for the rest of us. I myself have had to thank her on multiple occasions considering my struggles with adapting to college life. I suppose what I am trying to say is that she knows when to goof off and when to take things seriously, she’s  a good sister to have in times of crises, but also fun to chill with in times of peace.