As corporations have grown into international conglomerates that are too big to fail, they have forgotten about the humanity of their employees. As a millennial, I remember the Great Recession of 2008. I hold Wall Street responsible for my friends parents losing their jobs and homes. Publicly traded companies have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to maximize profits. It’s not to respect the human dignity of employees or making products affordable. The job is to make money, not to be moral. 

So when our government throws these immoral and selfish people a bone in the form of a massive tax cut, you see companies doing more stock buybacks than you see raises. By he way, raises are different than one time bonuses. A raise means you can afford a house in a safer neighborhood or a more reliable car. A bonus is a vacation. It’s grand, but not life changing. 

The faceless figures of Wall Street and Fortune 500 companies don’t care about their people, they don’t care if their employees cry to the Lord against them, they don’t care if they’re held guilty, they don’t care about God. 

This post is an excerpt from my devotional, Reflections Through the Bible: Deuteronomy. It is available for purchase here.

reflections cover

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