Hold to the Scriptures

God stands above all, even kings and rulers of nations must bow to his glory and majesty. No one is above the law, not even a king or ruler. I am of the belief that those who want power probably don’t deserve it, and those who don’t want power, are the very ones who ought to have it. There are many qualities that make for good leadership, and I think one of the most important ones is humility. 

We need leaders who are law abiding citizens, as someone from Illinois, we don’t really know what that looks like. How can officials expect us to follow the law when they don’t? Beyond that, a leader shouldn’t just follow the law, but set an example of morality and right conduct. I’m looking around at both the political and cultural leaders of our time and see a morality vacuum. How few people are working on caring for the poor, ensuring we leave the next generation better than ourselves, or simply preserving the sanctity of their own marriage bed? Is it too much to ask for Hollywood moguls and politicians to stop sleeping with women who aren’t their wives? 

If we only look at TV and the leaders of our communities, it’s very easy to become discouraged. But I look around in my everyday life of the people in my community who share the blessings of the Lord, who follow his law to the best of their abilities, and seek to build up strong families through deep rooted Christian values. So not all hope is lost.  

This post is an excerpt from my devotional, Reflections Through the Bible: Deuteronomy. It is available for purchase here.

reflections cover

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