Be Generous

Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas last year. I remember watching the coverage of people loading up children and necessities in blow up boats for the pool to seek shelter, then walked in mirky water up to the waist to get somewhere safe. I also remember seeing the civilians who had boats and strength making trips to rescue friends, family, and neighbors. The worst situations can bring out the best in humanity, but it can also reveal the worst in Christian hypocrisy. 

I was repulsed when I heard the televangelist, Joel Osteen, locked the doors of his megachurch, Lakewood, to those in need. What happened to the words of Jesus in Matthew 5 about caring for the homeless, sick, hungry, thirsty, and naked? Why did it take media backlash for him to do the virtuous thing? 

I’m not going to only give you one side. According to the church staff, the church had experienced some flooding also. Meaning, it would have been a dangerous to have people stay in the basketball stadium tuned Christian center. My follow up question to that rebuttal would be, did he open his home? Did the flood displace him and his family, or does his 17,000 square foot mansion have no space for a few of the Lord’s people? 

This post is an excerpt from my devotional, Reflections Through the Bible: Deuteronomy. It is available for purchase here.

reflections cover

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