Love the Lord

Yeah, that’s nice, but how? I don’t know about you, but this whole love thing is really difficult. We are living in a time when many of us really don’t know what love is. How can we possibly know how to love God with our whole heart, our whole being, and our whole strength when our divorce rate is so high, our children are being raised in single parent households, and there is perpetual strife in family life. The closest thing many of us knows to love is our pets. Is that what God means, should I love him like I love Puddles? 

I think it’s important to note that the deepest forms of love are simply the intimate exchange of persons. When it comes to us learning how to love God with our whole heart, whole being, and whole strength, it starts by coming to an understanding and acceptance of the fact that God loves us with his whole heart, his whole being, and his whole strength. Take a second on that and remember that God is infinite, unlike us. His whole heart, whole being, and whole strength is so much more expansive than we could ever understand. 

The more we recognize God’s unending love through the sacraments, through the scriptures, and just through his magnificent creation, we can learn to love him more fully. Be like a child that learns from mimicking. But don’t copy the fallen man, copy God’s example of true, deep, life altering love. 

This post is an excerpt from my devotional, Reflections Through the Bible: Deuteronomy. It is available for purchase here.

reflections cover

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