God’s Blessings

Unreal! This week’s memory verse is unbelievable; the Israelites have been messing up and dying left and right, but now they go to battle, and not one of them dies. It just goes to show the tremendous power of God. I’m just in awe of it all. This whole book really makes me stop and think about who God is. I think in the other books we’ve done in this series, I’ve had a much more introspective and comparative look at myself and the people. Not that I’m not still doing that here in Numbers, because I’m definitely like the Israelites when they mess up, but I really see the forgiveness of God in this book.

God’s timing is so perfect, and we see this week how his timing works. In chapter 14 the Israelites tried to fight a battle and they lost miserably. They didn’t wait for God’s timing, they wanted to take what they wanted without first consulting God or following his holy will. This week we will see what happens when the Israelites do choose to wait. They go to battle at the time when he determines and they take holy objects with them to war. This gives them strength as they go forward, knowing that they are following the Lord’s plan and are receiving the gifts he has been offering to their forefathers since Genesis.

In our own lives, it’s important to count our blessings. I don’t know about you but sometimes when I’m in a dark place spiritually, I look around and it’s just darkness everywhere. I can become so stressed and lost if I don’t take some time to count my blessings. I keep a page in my journal dedicated to reminding myself of the blessings of God. When I start to feel like a sour grape, I go back to it and review the things he’s done for me. A little reminder of the fact that I am a child of God like the Israelites, is all I need to adjust my attitude and take on the day.

This post is from the Book of Numbers bible study. Please join us as we go through God’s word together where we will learn so much about ourselves and our Lord. You can find out more information about the Bible-A-Day series here.

This blog is my way of sharing my faith with the world. I want to show young people, being Catholic is amazing and that God loves them infinitely. To help me in my mission to share the gospel with teens and young adults, please prayerfully consider becoming a contributor. You can find out how here.

week 7

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I’ve written a devotional for the book of Numbers. In it, I share reflections for each chapter of the book along with a memory verse, a contemplation question, and space to journal. If you’re interested in that book, check it out below!


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