But Who Do You Say God Is?

Our Lord is so big and he has so many attributes. One of the greatest things about our journey, we have the opportunity to discover more about God every single day. His love is so endless and we will never be able to describe the fullness and depth of him while we are on Earth. I have been asked several times what the day of my baptism was like. It wasn’t just baptism, though. As a convert, I received all three sacraments of initiation all in the same day: baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist. It was the most amazing day of my life and I’m not entirely sure how to describe it. It was like having Gandalf the Gray hand delivering my Hogwarts letter and having The Doctor take me to school where Sherlock taught Defence Against the Dark Arts. It was basically skipping through a field of tulips with a puppy on a spring afternoon followed by ice cream that never melts. Full of sparkle and sunshine!

The point is, God is so big and beautiful that the day I received my sacraments I was so overwhelmed at the notion that I was chosen by God from the beginning to be his daughter. He loves me so immensely he went to Calvary’s hill for us to be together forever. The two places we come to get to know the person of God is in the sacraments and in the scriptures. At my baptism I felt God’s love and mercy, but he’s so much more. More than words could ever adequately explain. He’s gentle, protective, he’s knows how to challenge me enough that I grow, but never pushes me to break. His grace and his presence are constant, even when I’m unaware.

One of the most important things we can do is know we are loved, loved infinitely and completely. He is kind, generous, forgiving, creative, expressive, and so much more. We are called to dive deep into our relationship with him. This week, I hope you come to know the Lord and to make not of some of his many attributes.

This post is from the Book of Numbers bible study. Please join us as we go through God’s word together where we will learn so much about ourselves and our Lord. You can find out more information about the Bible-A-Day series here.

This blog is my way of sharing my faith with the world. I want to show young people, being Catholic is amazing and that God loves them infinitely. To help me in my mission to share the gospel with teens and young adults, please prayerfully consider becoming a contributor. You can find out how here.

week 5

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I’ve written a devotional for the book of Numbers. In it, I share reflections for each chapter of the book along with a memory verse, a contemplation question, and space to journal. If you’re interested in that book, check it out below!


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