Learning to Forgive Myself

In my experience, forgiving myself for past mistakes is far my challenging than forgiving others for the poor choices they have made. I strive each day to be better than the day before but I often fall short of that goal. There are so many things we struggle with that seem like the silent battles we face throughout the day. But even the wounds that can’t be seen, can still cause us pain and suffering. We should put all of our challenges at the foot of the cross, especially these hidden ones.

Learning to forgive ourselves is an important practice. We have to understand that, although we are children of God, we are still fallen creatures and will fall into the temptations of sin. You are not perfect. As long as you are here on Earth, you will never be perfect. It’s a fact of life we need to face, but it isn’t one that defines our existence. God is the one that defines our existence. The scriptures tell us that he will remove all sins, including the little secret one’s we hold on to. Psalms says, “As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our sins from us” (103:12).

Accept this form of love from our Lord. I know it’s difficult, but allow his great mercy to wash over your heart and all the things you hold in it. He waits on the cross to forgive you, to love you immensely, and to take away all pain. He seeks to build you up, not to tear you down. So many of the things we hold on to, hold us down. They weigh on us and keep us from becoming the men and women God calls us to become. Remember, you are set apart for the glory of God, to be his child and to shine his love into the hearts of all people. This is an important job that requires our full attention, we can’t harbor self-hatred in our hearts. There is simply no room for it.

This post is from the Book of Numbers bible study. Please join us as we go through God’s word together where we will learn so much about ourselves and our Lord. You can find out more information about the Bible-A-Day series here.

This blog is my way of sharing my faith with the world. I want to show young people, being Catholic is amazing and that God loves them infinitely. To help me in my mission to share the gospel with teens and young adults, please prayerfully consider becoming a contributor. You can find out how here.

week 4

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I’ve written a devotional for the book of Numbers. In it, I share reflections for each chapter of the book along with a memory verse, a contemplation question, and space to journal. If you’re interested in that book, check it out below!


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