God’s Path for You

My brother is in that phase of life where he is trying to figure out what his best case scenario is. He’s contemplating how he wants his life to go and what he needs to do to achieve that scenario. He has asked me a few times what I think of my best case scenario and how much time I spend thinking about the future, what I want to do with my life, etc. He’s also asked me what I thought of his dreams and plans, which I’m always careful how I respond.

I’m now at the place in life where I don’t need to contemplate the future. I know that God often laughs at our plans because it is really all about his plan for our lives. I want to live a life dedicated in service to the Lord of my life so that I can become a saint! I’m not here on Earth to muse about the future, but to buckle down and get the business.

It’s important for the faithful to take a couple minutes to stop thinking about all the best and worst case scenarios in life, and ask the Lord what his plans actually are. Remember God’s plans are always for good, he wants to unite you with him in heaven and, if you let him, he will only allow things in your life to bring about that end. We (myself included) need to stop having this idea that we don’t want to experience any challenges or adversities on our journey, these are sanctifying! They can bring about a great testimony that will help draw more brothers and sisters home.

The last point I want to make this week, I said in the video, but I think it is worth repeating. When it comes to discerning the will of God, there are few things you need to check it against.

#1 Is it in love? All things that come from God are to be done in love. If there is a sense of self promotion, pride, or anything negative, it probably  isn’t from God and you need to do some more soul searching.
#2 Is God sending the same message to someone else in your life? In my Reflections book I talk about how, although my family doesn’t understand what I’m doing, Father Sports and some close friends of mine are being very supportive.
#3 Are you being patient? God’s plan is consistent, I’m going to be talking about that in this study. He isn’t going to put something on your heart and then take it off. You will have a pull in the direction the Lord wants you to go for a long time.

These bible studies are my mission. I know that all my life, God has placed a desire on my heart to pursue him. I’ve had my ups and my downs in this, but I know this is where he wants me to be. I’ve always loved reading God’s word and I think it’s important to share. The internet is definitely a place that needs more of the Lord and less of the world. So this is my mission, to act in love to bring about the glory of God.

This post is from the Book of Numbers bible study. Please join us as we go through God’s word together where we will learn so much about ourselves and our Lord. You can find out more information about the Bible-A-Day series here.

This blog is my way of sharing my faith with the world. I want to show young people, being Catholic is amazing and that God loves them infinitely. To help me in my mission to share the gospel with teens and young adults, please prayerfully consider becoming a contributor. You can find out how here.

week 1

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I’ve written a devotional for the book of Numbers. In it, I share reflections for each chapter of the book along with a memory verse, a contemplation question, and space to journal. If you’re interested in that book, check it out below!


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