Exodus Resources {Week 3}


Welcome to week three in the book of Exodus! Last week we saw the first nine plagues, they were pretty intense. We saw the magnificent power of God, how strong and loving he is toward his people. This week we are going to see the last plague and, SPOILER ALERT, there escape from Egypt. God is going to lead them through a lot of challenging situations, that’s what my APPLY is this week. You can check it out below.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of the workbook yet, purchase here. You can check out YouTube to see what is included in the workbook and what to expect from the study.

3 plan

Monday, April 16 Chapter 11
Tuesday, April 17 Chapter 12
Wednesday, April 18 Chapter 13
Thursday, April 19 Chapter 14
Friday, April 20 Chapter 15

As I said in one of the preview videos, I like to have posters of the memory verse as well as note cards around my house and my car to help me with the memory work. You can download a FREE 8.5″ x 11″ poster and a 3″ x 5″ card by clicking the image below.


mem 3

This Week

Social Media

On Saturday, April 21 I will be going live in our private website to discuss our first week. During this time I will answer any questions you may have and discuss our readings. Join us at 8:30am CST.

Follow me on social media so we can connect and encourage one another on this journey. I am on all social media @TheGenFem. Use #TheGenFem for Bible-A-Day or #BADExodus so we can keep up with all the fun being done!


Share this study with your friends at Church or on your social media so we can all come together and share our faith and encourage one another. Uplifting one another is one of the most important things we can do in our faith.



As I have said before, I’m a convert. I joined the Church at the age of 22. My father went to Catholic school but hadn’t participated since before I was born. My mom was raised evangelical. I remember going to Vacation Bible School as a kid, but I never had a faith foundation. After leaving college I spent a lot of time searching for where I found God most completely. I always found myself in a Catholic church.

I tried Baptist, Lutheran, Assembly of God, big churches, small churches, white churches, black churches, nothing felt quite like the Catholic Church. After a couple years of church hopping, I settled pretty comfortably in my local Catholic church. When I eventually started looking into how to join the Church, I became apprehensive. Although I had been going almost every Sunday, I just wasn’t sure if that was the direction God was calling me.

My parents weren’t against my attendance at the Catholic Church, but they did question it. My grandma and aunt were concerned for my immortal should because Catholics worship Mary and the saints, right? My agnostic brother was really confused. Most of my journey, until that point, had been done through reading things online, evangelical things. They weren’t particularly fond of the Catholic Church either, so I was just confused. On the one hand, I was most comfortable in the Catholic Mass; on the other hand, Catholics are all going to hell, or so it seemed.

I remember having this internal conflict and eventually had a Jesus Take the Wheel moment. I realized what church I belonged to had nothing to do with me, my feelings, or my opines. It had everything to do with where God wanted me to be. If God led me to the Catholic Church, I’d be Catholic; if he wanted me to be Presbyterian, I’d be Presbyterian; if God said, all I needed was a personal relationship with him and didn’t need to go to church, I’d do that. How ever God wanted me to worship him, that’s what I would do, no matter where it was, how it was or when it was.

This post is stating to get a bit long, but there is still so much more to share. Long story short, God called me to worship him in the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic church. The first Church, the only church started by Christ himself in 33 A.D. There are so many reasons to be Catholic, but for me it all boils down to one thing: God led me to the Catholic Church. I allowed God the space in my life to direct my path, and he led me home, where I can find him most fully while here on earth.



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Proclick P50 Binding System
Crayola Twistables
NABRE Answers Bible

Last Week

In case you missed last week, you can check it here.

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This blog is my way of sharing my faith with the world. I want to show young people, being Catholic is amazing and that God loves them. To help me in my mission to share the gospel with teens and young adults, please prayerfully consider becoming a contributor. You can find out how here.

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