Embracing Resistance

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Hopefully by now, ladies aren’t still afraid of weight lifting. All of the Instagram models and fitness YouTubers will tell you the value of lifting weight. For so long women left the lifting to the men while focusing on crude. I’m not going to downplay cardio the way some fit girls will since I’m running a half marathon soon. But I will tell you, pretty much everything is improved by adding some resistance training to your routine.

Resistance training can come in a lot of forms. The one I recommend starting with is bodyweight exercises. I think they’re good because,

  1. they can be done at home: Sometimes going to the gym when you’re new to fitness can be super intimidating. That’s why I recommend doing things at home first, you’ll get used to being in your own body and making it move certain ways.
  2. they can be done anytime: If you’re working out at the gym only, you amy be super busy and have to skip a day or two. This can totally throw off your schedule. Once you’ve messed up, it’s often hard to get back on track. But if all you’re doing is bodyweight exercises you can do them on commercial breaks or while you’re waiting for water to boil.
  3. they allow you to focus on form: Bad form can lead to serious injury. A lot of people are tempted to lift heavy even when it’s too much. This causes compromised form and injuries. for those who dial it back a little, can focus on having correct form and firing the correct muscles. Form is one of the most important things in your training.
  4. they’re cheap: Lifting your body is significantly cheaper than a gym membership and it’s cheaper than buying weights at the sporting goods store. I was tempted to say you’re cheap, but I thought that might offend some people.
  5. they tighten you up: I remember the first day I stepped out of the shower and saw cellulite on my thighs. I was horrified! I’m in my mid twenties and childless, why did I have cellulite? It isn’t just fat, it’s the hard to reach fat hanging out below your skin; it’s much harder to just burn off with some running. It requires a toning and expansion of the muscles below. Doing bodyweight exercises creates lean muscle which helps move that ugly cellulite out of your beautiful body.

Since we’re on the topic of tightening up I also want to mention that muscle mass burns more calories than fat. Here’s the deal, more resistance training = more muscle; more muscle = more calorie burn (even at rest); more more calorie burn = more calorie consumption. The reason gym rats are always eating is partially because they are in the gym six hours a day, but also because all that muscle is burning fuel faster. So if you’re like me, and want to eat, embrace the resistance.

I wrote a lot in this post about bodyweight training because i think it’s the best place to start. But resistance training can also include a lot of toys:

That last one is a little funning but it goes to the final point I want to make. Fitness happens everywhere, not just the gym, not just the kitchen. Do a couple overhead presses before you load the washing machine. Do a few squats before you open a case of water. Do some curls before putting your almond milk back in the fridge. Resistance training can happen everywhere.

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