In Light of Eternity, does it Really Matter?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this study, our God is big, REALLY big. The confines of space and time have no power over him. He sees everything like a painting, while we only see our little speckle. This is important to note because sometimes we get in our heads and think things are revolving around our current moment.

A couple weeks ago my brother said he remembers thinking when he was in high school, like that was all there was. And when he was in college thinking the same thing. And now that he is home he thinks the same thing. It’s funny how once you’ve spent a little time removed form a situation, how small those major issues seem. I think something similar can be said for Joseph this week. Remember his brothers were mean to him, he was sold into slavery, and he went to jail. The scriptures don’t describe Joseph’s feelings on all of this, but he couldn’t have felt like life was a basked of puppies and roses. But when he took time to step back and look at all the steps that he took to get him to the point that he was able to save his family and the people of Egypt from starvation, one can see how God sees.

One of the Sisters that works in my home parish used to say to me, “In light of eternity, does this really matter.” I still hear her little voice in my head whenever I’m getting worked up about something. It happens, we all do it, we start to take our lives or our situations a little to seriously. Sometimes things are serious, but we still have to take a moment to step back and reflect on how God is using it.

Last year my grandmother had ovarian cancer, I would consider that a truly serious situation. We all rallied around her to support and take care of her. One of the greatest things that came out of it was that one of my younger cousins began spending more time with her. Growing up, it was always my brother and I that went to see my grandparents each week. But I guess my cousin had a wake up call realizing his last grandparent was seriously sick. So he would help drive her to appointments, take food to her, and hang out at her apartment. It both warms my heart, and makes me a little concerned that he’s trying to be her favorite (which will never happen, I shall never be dethroned as favorite, haha).

The point I’m trying to make is that the Lord can turn bad and scary situations like slavery, imprisonment, and cancer, to bring about wonderful change in a family and in the world. We can’t get stuck in focusing on all the things that are going wrong. Instead, try to reflect on how God is using it to glorify his kingdom.


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