Introducing the Book of Exodus

Now that we have completed the book of Genesis, it’s time to jump into Exodus. I am in the final stages of preparing this study and it’s going to be amazing! We will begin on April 1!

TheGenFem community is available for those who wish to participate in a private online community. You are welcome to go through the study with the blog, but if you are wanting to participate in fellowship, join us in the private group. There, I will do daily check ins you all are welcome to participate in and weekly fellowship sessions with live videos. I would recommend this because community is one of the most important parts of our journey.

Access to the site is FREE to those who purchase the workbook. You only need to complete the registration form.

I have always loved spending time in the Scriptures. I think it is the privilege and duty of the faithful to read God’s word regularly. While on earth we are called to unite ourselves to our Lord and live as closely as possible to the love of the Holy Trinity. We do this through Scripture reading, daily prayer, and connecting with our brothers and sisters in faith.

“Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ,” St. Jerome.

Because of my passion for scripture and brining it to others, I have written this Bible-A-Day series. On April 1, we will begin the book of Exodus. It’s a fantastic book to work through because there is so much going on! Have you ever heard of Moses? We are about to get to know quite a bit about him, his family, and his story. You can purchase the workbook here.


Download the study. Read through the beginning of the ebook and check out the preview videos.

You’ll find at the beginning of the ebook:
– Introduction to the book of Exodus
– Explanation of the bible study method we will use, called P.R.A.Y.
– A coloring chart for bible marking
– A page for each chapter of scripture for journaling
– A preview for each week with a memory verse and challenge


As I said earlier, one of the most important ways to grow in your faith is to spend time with others in the faith community. Thankfully, the internet is a great place to connect with people from around the world and celebrate all the blessings God has placed upon us. For that reason, you can join our private group. There, we will share our thoughts as we read, verses that stood out to us, and answer any questions we may have. Access to the group is FREE to those who purchase the workbook and register.

On Sunday, April 1 at 8:00pm CST, I will go live in our private website answer any preliminary questions you may have and chat about what we will be doing throughout the 8 weeks of this study.


Follow me on social media so we can connect and encourage one another on this journey. I am on all social media @TheGenFem. Use #BADExodus for Bible-A-Day and #TheGenFem so we can keep up with all the fun being done!

BAD bookmark


Share this study with your friends at Church or on your social media so we can all come together and share our faith and encourage one another. Uplifting one others is one of the most important things we can do in our faith.


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