6 Things to do in Mobile

Sweet Home Alabama is easily one of my favorite Reese Witherspoon movies. I’m not typically down with RomComs, I find them nauseating. However, I love Reese Witherspoon and that southern twang warms my heart. My grandparents are from Mississippi, so whenever I hear it I think of my Papa. Here are the top six things I’d like to see on a Catholic millennial’s road trip across the country.

  1. The Fort of Colonial Mobile: This is a 4/5 scale model of the original Fort Conde, a French fort from the 1700s. It houses a shooting gallery, interactive exhibits, and has canon firing. I’d love to see canons fire. 
  2. Mobile Botanical Garden: If you have been following this series, you know I live for these botanic gardens. This garden is 35 acres and has a longleaf pine forest. The coolest thing is that they do controlled  burns to help reduce the risk of wildfires. According to all that I have read about controlled fires is that they can do wonderful things environmental preservation and protection for homes and businesses in surrounding areas. 
  3. Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception: If I’m honest, I don’t think Catholics when I think the SEC, my first thought is Evangelicals and Southern Baptists. But this Basilica can change my preconceived notions. Its cornerstone was laid in 1835 and the parish was dedicated on December 8, 1850 (the Feast of the Immaculate Conception) by Bishop Portier. It is built in a beautiful Greek Revival style complete with two spires and pillars. I can’t wait to worship our Lord here!
  4. Mobile Museum of Art: First of all, I love the modern architectural style of the museum. But you know, you go to an art museum for the exhibits. This place is home to beautiful glass mosaics, and pieces from American artists since 1945. The thing I might be most excited to see is the Native American art. 
  5. Historic Oakleigh: This is a historic house museum from cotton broker James W. Roper. It was built in 1833 in Greek revival style and hosts tours to share about the home and the family. 
  6. History Museum of Mobile: The museum houses a variety of permanent and temporary exhibits. If you have the opportunity to get to Mobile now, you can check out the Titanic exhibit highlighting the most infamous cruise in history. It will be there until mid April. As for the permanent exhibit, they have a miniature house gallery. When I was a nugget (normal people call them children) my mother used to display a little town on the piano in the living room. It is one of my fondest childhood memories, watching my mom set up the little snow town. 

If you have any recommendations on things to see in Mobile, please write them in the comments below. If you’ve missed any of the other Dream City Trip posts, click here. And subscribe to see more, we have a lot of cities left to cover, and hopefully travel diaries of these amazing places some day. If you enjoyed this post, consider sharing it on social media and becoming a supporter of TheGenFem, here.

Thank you, and have a sparkly day!


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