Genesis Resources {Week 6}


Welcome back! Last week we talked about how God requires sacrifice. God put Abraham to the test to see if he truly loved and trusted God. Abraham passed God’s test by almost sacrificing his son. I shared how I was in the midst of a struggle with needing to sacrifice something, though my faith wasn’t as strong as Abraham’s. Well I sacrificed the thing God asked me to just this morning, but I don’t really feel much better about it. I’m sure it’s just because it’s fresh, things will get better in the coming days, I have no doubt. Today’s application is about God’s blessing after sacrifice. I’ll share with you what I’m looking forward to from God even though I don’t know what might happen next.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of the workbook yet, download it here. You can check out YouTube to see what is included in the workbook and what to expect from the study.

reading plan 6

Monday, February 12 Chapter 26
Tuesday, February 13 Chapter 27
Wednesday, February 14 Chapter 28
Thursday, February 15 Chapter 29
Friday, February 16 Chapter 30

As I said in one of the preview videos, I like to have posters of the memory verse as well as note cards around my house and my car to help me with the memory work. You can download a FREE 8.5″ x 11″ poster and a 3″ x 5″ card by clicking the image below.

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This Week

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I truly believe this blog is God’s will for my life. I believe he wants me to focus all of my attention and energy to building the blog, creating e-courses, and doing other things surrounding this blog. Awhile back I heard the voice of the Lord on my heart ask me to leave my job and focus on this full time. I was apprehensive, but eventually did what the Lord was asking me to do. But it took me a long time to tell my parents what I’d done.

I knew and still know that they wouldn’t understand. It is highly illogical to quit one’s job and start blogging without not already making an income from it. I know that! And I said that to the Lord. In prayer, I had been asking that he monetize the blog because I wanted to focus on it but I knew I couldn’t leave until I was making money from it, that’s what rational people do. Well, that’s not what God was asking me to do. He wanted me to quit first, then tell my parents. As expected, they didn’t take the news well.

Here’s the thing…I’m pretty immature. I may be 25 years old, but if I’m honest, I have the behavior of a 16 year old. I’m sure there are plenty of reasons for why. I’m a millennial and statistically we have had a hard time growing up and flying away from the nest. I have helicopter parents who thought it was perfectly logical to keep us under their noses our entire lives until the age of 17 when they expected us to suddenly start acting like the other kids. It could also just be that I’m lazy, unfocused, and irresponsible.

That is my background, but if I’m being honest with you, I truly in my heart believe this is what God wants me to be doing. I’m not making any money from it, and I don’t really see where he is going to bring me financial security from it. I hate ads and have no intention on running ads on my blog or YouTube channel. I also don’t have a ton of followers of this blog, YouTube channel, or any other social media outlets. I don’t know what he is going to do. But I do know two other things.

I know that the Lord loves me abundantly. He loves me so much he would go to the cross for me. And I know he seeks to bless me. That is out theme this week, God seeks to bless us through all of life’s complicated circumstances. I had to find courage to tell my parents I quit my job today. I’m probably going to have to find humility to find a new place to live because my mom is ready to kick me out of the house. No matter what happens, no matter where I go, I must take to heart the words I have on my purity ring from Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to prosper you, and not for woe.

Each of us is made to live a life of abidance and beauty. One of the things Father Sports asked me in our first meeting was, “Do you believe God wants to make you happy?” If I’m honest, the answer is no, I don’t believe that. I didn’t believe it then and I struggle to believe it now. But my faith is bigger than my doubt; God is bigger than my fears. No matter what happens, I will lean on him, his will, his wisdom, and always do my best to walk where he asks me to walk. That is my goal and purpose and it is what I will do.



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Last Week

In case you missed last week, you can check it here.

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