6 Things to do in Honolulu

It’s snowing right now, like really bad. So you can imagine the inspiration I have for this post. I’m totally over winter, I have been since December 26, yet we’re getting several inches right now. Not that I’m complaining right now, but I’d LOVE to spend some time in sunny Hawaii. One of my favorite YouTubers is Ellen Fisher, she and her family live in Hawaii and it usually looks so spectacularly gorgeous. I say usually because every once in awhile she’ll show these wicked spiders she says are harmless, but the small bugs is the greatest thing about living in the midwest.

Anyway, the point of this post is not to compare Hawaii and Illinois, it’s to share the top six things I would like to see on my Catholic millennial road trip. So here we go!

  1. USS Arizona MemorialObviously I have to start with the Pearl Harbor Memorial. I don’t think I could ever make a trip to Hawaii without paying special respect for the men and women who died on the day that will in infamy. It was a moment that altered the course of history and all visitors should take a moment to reflect on it.
  2. Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of PeaceA visit to the memorial must be followed by a trip to the Basilica to pray for the 2,403 people who died and the loved ones they left behind. It’ll be a lovely visit with its delightful Romanesque style. 
  3. Diamond HeadThis is a volcano you hike around on. It has a military lookout and 475 acres. Apparently, the cool people who complete the hike can get a certificate of completion. It must be difficult.
  4. Iolani PalaceThe youngest state in our union had a thriving culture before Americans went in and changed things. They had a royal family and this is the palace of the last Hawaiian monarch. The name of the last king was Kalakaua and this was his official residence. 
  5. Bishop MuseumSpeaking of Hawaiian culture, this place looks so fun! It shows the gods and legends of the islands before contact with continental Americans. It honors he beauty of the natural landscape that Hawaiians work to preserve. It has a garden, planetarium, and history museum.
  6. Manoa FallsThis place just looks like a picture, it is so pretty. It has a 150 foot waterfall that I bet is breathtaking. It has a 1.6 mile hiking trail and arboretum. One note, visitors are not allowed to go swimming. There is a lot of bacteria in Hawaii, and this sounds like it is an infectious soup. But it looks pretty.

The thing about finding the top six things to see in Honolulu, is that I would just want to go to the beach all day everyday or hike the mountains. The beach and mountains don’t need websites.

If you have any recommendations on things to see in Honolulu, please write them in the comments below. If you’ve missed any of the other Dream City Trip posts, click here. And subscribe to see more, we have a lot of cities left to cover, and hopefully vlogs of these amazing places some day. If you enjoyed this post, consider sharing it on social media and becoming a supporter of TheGenFem, here.

Thank you, and have a sparkly day!


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