Bible-A-Day Program

My Inspiration

The Bible-A-Day program is a Bible study created to help those who are interested in learning more about the Scriptures. When I first began my spiritual journey, it was just me and the pink Bible my grandparents gave me for graduation. I didn’t have friends who were actively pursuing the Lord, I didn’t go to church, I wasn’t watching any spiritually stimulating videos, it was just me and my Bible. As I went through it, I had a lot of questions. As I grew in my faith, some of my questions were answered. This Bible study program is made for people like me. Those looking to learn more about the Scriptures and what it all means. This study is inspired by my own journey and the challenges I faced while trying to learn more about God through his word.

Who it’s For

If you are someone who is new to personal Bible study, this is the perfect study for you. If you are someone who is intrigued by spending a little time in the Bible each day, this study is perfect for you. If you are someone who has a million and one questions, this study is a good jumping off point for you. There are so many reasons to go through this study, but I hope the primary one is to grow in your faith in God and increase your understanding of Him.

The Studies

So far, we’ve done Genesis through Deuteronomy. The next study will be through Joshua, it will begin January 2019. You can check them out below. Each week I will post a preview for the week ahead so we can all participate together. I would love for you to join us in that, but you don’t have to. If you’ve already been through Genesis but you have questions on Exodus, go straight into Exodus. Although this study series is being posted in biblical order, it doesn’t have to be done that way. The study is for your benefit, not mine, so do what works best for you.

What You’ll Need

The only two necessary things are the workbook and a Bible. Workbooks can be downloaded on the pages for each study, or you can purchase them from Amazon. As for the Bible, I recommend the NABRE or New American Bible Revised Edition because it is the translation used by the Church in the U.S. There are so many Bible translations out there, this one is fairly easy to understand but isn’t conversational either. If you don’t have a NABRE and aren’t interested in buying a new one, use bible.com. Seriously, my favorite online Bible. It allows you to highlight, make notes, and it has an app. The best, in my opinion.

There are also things like Crayola Twistables, washi tape, fun pens, and stickers that may help jazz up your bible time, but they’re not necessary. You’ll also need something to bind the study, I like using an at home binding system, but for years I just used 1/2 inch binders and they served me well. Do what works for you.

How to Use

Everything you’ll need is in the workbook. On Sundays you’ll read the preview for the week. There you will find a theme, key people, key events, and what the chapters will be about. Along with a memory verse for the week, a reading plan, and a challenge. Monday-Friday you will be in your Bible. You will read one chapter per day, highlighting your Bible if you choose. The workbook explains that process. Then doing some journaling. The study uses a method I call P.R.A.Y. The workbook also explains that method, or you can check out this video. On Saturdays, you will answer three questions from the week and test your knowledge of the memory verse. Verse memory is entirely optional. And I say the schedule is Sunday-Saturday, but do what works for your schedule. Again, this study is for your benefit, not mine.