From Beast to Boss

#NewYearNewMe, right? If you have seen my 2018 goals or January bullet journal, then you may see a consistency. I want to be a #FitGirl and a #LadyBoss in 2018. Okay, now that I have made myself nauseous with my trending hashtags, let’s be realistic. Here are my top ten tips for working your workout:

1. Get Your Butt Up

Have you ever heard, early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise. It’s one of my favorite phrases, and I believe it whole heartedly. The first thing we gotta do is get vertical, which is so difficult during this time of year. Embrace self mastery!

Cortisol levels are elevated in the morning, making it a great time to workout.

2. Gym First

I’m one of those really self centered gym people that hates going to the gym when other people around. I go in, do what I gotta do, and get out; I’m not there to socialize, and I hate going to the gym when those lacking self discipline are around. I know, I’m mean, but they take up valuable treadmill space. So how does one avoid this? Get to the gym first thing in the morning, while the weak are still in bed.

3. Grab and Go

I was told by a trainer I need to eat before workouts. This can be difficult since I gotta get to the gym first thing in the morning. Therefore, embrace quick snacks. Some of my favorites are breakfast toast, oatmeal bars, and mixed nuts with dried fruit. These are super fast to eat in the car or as I’m walking into the gym. This helps to fuel workouts and hold you over until breakfast.

Hitting the gym before work can boost performance, time management, and mental sharpness.

4. Pre-pack

Going to work directly after the gym is best for me. If I go home in sweaty clothes and take a shower, my bed is my next step. But if I shower and change into normal human clothes at the gym, I’m more likely to get work done, rather than take a nap. In your workout bag have the typical shower and beauty essentials, but don’t forget appropriate work wear and shoes. I always forget the shoes. “When picking what to wear to work after a workout, choose things that won’t need to be ironed after being folded in your gym bag, and breathable fabrics like cotton.

From Beast to Boss5. Get Your Blood Pumping Early

Since I do cardio and weight training, I like to do cardio first. This helps me get my blood pumping to my brain early. Having brain flow helps to wake you up, burn calories throughout the day, and focus at work later. Plus, when I do cardio, I sweat more than when I’m lifting. So as I lift, my body temperature begins to reduce even before my workout is over.

6. Stay Hydrated

Hopefully this goes without saying, water is a need. You sweat, you lose body liquids that need be replenished. Water is necessary for your body to function at optimal level. Dehydration will throw a wrench into your workout and your workday. It causes headaches, stomachaches, lack of focus, and fatigue. FitGirl LadyBosses don’t have time for that crap.

7. Don’t Forget to Cool Down

Not gonna lie, this has been a struggle for me in the past. Nothing good comes from skipping your cool down. It’s better to go to work without hair and makeup than it is to skip cool down. You have to get your body temperature down after a workout, especially during this time of year. Your body doesn’t need the shock of stepping out into -7 degree weather. Plus, it helps with muscle recovery and flexibility so you can get up and workout again tomorrow.

Competitiveness in exercise can increase workout time and intensity.

8. Get a Friend

I have a friend, who I hate, he holds me accountable to my workouts. He’s one of those crazy people that runs for fun. Whenever I see him at work, he asks me how my running is going. Accountability partners suck, but it’s because they can be really helpful when it comes to getting you off your bum and to the gym.

9. Have a Backup Plan

I keep my gym bag in my car. So when my friend from work lights a fire under my toosh, I don’t have to stop at home. Like I said earlier, if I get home, I’m not leaving the house. Keeping a gym bag in the car makes you always ready to get fit. #NoExcuses

10. No Heels After Leg Day

Just trust me.


While doing cardio or between sets, delete unnecessary emails. It makes things easier when you get to work.

I’m a big believer in all around health and wellness. To have a workout plan is great, but it has to fit into your lifestyle and schedule. Strive to find a balance between being a FitGirl and a LadyBoss. What are some of your tips for transitioning from the barbells to the boardroom? If you enjoyed this post, please consider commenting, subscribing, sharing on social media, and making a contribution to my Patreon.


5 thoughts on “From Beast to Boss

  1. Ahh these tips are SO good and so true!! Hope your 2018 is off to a great start of meeting your fitness goals! (I also bujo as well! It’s nice to see more bullet journalists in the WordPress community)


  2. Hey! Really nice post, thanks for that. I’m kinda like you, I need to get my workout done first thing in the morning. I find it gives me so much more energy the rest of the day. Also, if I sit my ass on the couch, it’s not getting up again…


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