4 Primary Learning Styles for Life

After coming home from college several years ago I did some soul searching about why I’ve always hated school. I can remember struggling with reading in elementary school and it set a negative precedent for the rest of my academic life. The consequence for all this was serious anxiety and low self-esteem. I began volunteering in schools and at church with kids. I saw a lot of children that reminded me of my younger self. We get lost in the system because institutional education can’t actor to all the needs of a child. It takes a village to raise a child and a team to educate one. Research shows that parents  who take an active role in their child’s education, have more academically successful children. One of the greatest things a parent or teacher can do to help kids is to determine the learning style of the success of the individual. Here are the four most common types:

  1. Read and Write: These children make the best students. You can spot a read and write child by their love of reading, they enjoy making lists, and they often write down new concepts. Parents and teachers should have level and age appropriate books available at all times. Also have the child rewrite class notes and convert visual items, like charts and graphs, into words.
  2. Auditory: These are the chatty Kathy children. They love to discuss new ideas and tell you about their day. You can spot these children by their participation in class lectures and they often speak before they think. To meet the needs of these children, read aloud to them and have them read aloud. Also find fun word association and rhyming games. Definitely get into the habit of discussion what they read before asking them to answer any questions.
  3. Visual: These children respond well to color coding and the things teachers put on the board. You can spot a visual learner because they are doodlers. They also prefer to see diagrams and flow charts opposed to pages and pages of words. Adapt to this learning style by having children color code their notes, do mind-mapping exercises, and showing them videos. Pure Flix is full of amazing educational videos that are child appropriate and great for Christian homes and schools. YouTube is another spectacular resource for videos to help kids learn.
  4. Kinesthetic: These learners are probably the most difficult to manage in a classroom. They like to standup, move around, and seem generally a bit antsy. You can spot the kids by their physical expression through hand gestures and full body movement. You can cater to children by giving them a lot off opportunities to use models and objects to learn new things. They also like games and experiments, so try incorporating physical activities into lessons. Find every chance you can to allow these children to get their hands dirty and bodies moving.

If the Lord chooses to bless me with children, I plan to do everything possible to homeschool them. There are few things more illogical than institutional education. Once I left school, I discovered a passion for reading, writing, and learning. These are the ingredients to creating life long learners and productive citizens. I never want my children to be lost in the shuffle. Every child is an individual and has the right to be treated like one. I have created several pieces of curriculum that I will post here on the blog. In the meantime, you are welcome to check out my Nuggets Pinterest board which is full of fun educational ideas for kids.

Which of the four major types of learning styles are you? If you enjoyed this post, please consider commenting, subscribing, sharing on social media, and making a contribution to my Patreon.

learning infographic

Thank you, and have a SPARKLY day!


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