Blog Binder

This beautiful and easy to use blog binder is the all you need to begin building the perfect moneymaking blog. There are four sections:

Here you will find your yearly goals, income, and subscriber goals. There is also a page for site branding and improvemntes you are looking to make. A page for Login Information for your various accounts is also found in this seciton.

This section has one blank month along with all 12 months for 2018 to help you track your posts and special events or anything else you need to plan. There is a recommended monthly checklist, a goals sheet, income, expenses, and budget worksheets. The final page in this section is a weekly checklist.

Included in this section is a daily checklist to help you stay on track each day to make sure you are doing all you can to grow your blog and your income. There is also a post planner to help you brainstorm, plan, write, and promote your posts.

The final section has worksheets to help you track your affiliate marketing programs, sponsors, and has over 50 blog prompts to get you started.

This blog binder was created to help you identify, work toward, and achieve your blogging goals.

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