6 Things to do in Baltimore

The city of Baltimore is one I’ve seen before but have never truly experienced. I have family that lives in this area of the country and when there, we were there for family events only. I haven’t been back since joining the Church and next time I go, it’ll be an American Catholic millennial’s dream. You’ll see why in the sixth thing on this list.

  1. Cathedral of Mary our Queen: An English Gothic architecture makes me think of the Tudors. It has gorgeous high ceilings to help me imagine the voices of the faithful rising to heaven. There is also a spectacular carving of the Risen Lord.
  2. The Star Spangled Banner Flag House: The flag house was bulletin in 1793 and was once the home and business site for Mary Pickergill. She was the woman who sewed the flag that flew over Fort McHenry which inspired Francis Scott Key to write our national anthem.
  3. U.S. Holocaust Museum: This museum shows the entire history of the Holocaust with different galleries holding a variety of artifacts. It starts with the rise of the Nazi party and Hitler’s power. It shows how the laws and culture in Germany became increasingly anti-Semitic. Galleries showing the war breaking out and Germany’s invasion of neighboring countries is next. Possibly the most powerful area of the museum highlights the Nazi’s “final solution,” in which six million Jews were systematically murdered. The visit ends with the liberation of prisoners an the conclusion of the war.
  4. 7 Foot Knoll Lighthouse: This lighthouse was built in 1855 at the mouth of the Patapsco River. I tis the oldest screw-pile lighthouse in Maryland, meaning it stands on piles screwed into sand and mud at the bottom of the river
  5. Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall: This theatre is home to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. It hosts events of different types of performances including orchestra, dance, and opera.
  6. Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Yay, number six! This is our national cathedral, the first Catholic cathedral built in our beautiful country. It’s huge, it’s gorgeous, it’s magnificent, and it has the perfect name since our Lady is the patron of America. I can’t want to see this church!

The fantastic city of Baltimore has such a rich history. Our country was born in this area so it has played and instrumental role her foundation. It is also a hub for cultural experiences like museums and stage performances. Plus, to add to all that glory, it has our national cathedral!

If you have any recommendations on things to see in Baltimore, please write them in the comments below. If you’ve missed any of the other Dream City Trip posts, click here. And subscribe to see more, we have a lot of cities left to cover, and hopefully vlogs of these amazing places some day. If you enjoyed this post, consider sharing it on social media and becoming a supporter of TheGenFem, here.

Thank you, and have a sparkly day!

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