Bible Binder

This bible binder is created to help you grow and document your faith progress. We are all called to spend time in the scriptures to learn more about our Lord, to pray unceasingly to recieve the strength we need to take on daily battles, and to always work to soften our hearts to the promptings of the Spirit. This binder will help with all of that. There are several pages included in this binder, split into three sections:

The first thing  you’ll find in this binder is a Bible Reading Chart which has all of the books of the bible and their chapters. As you read a chapter, color in its corresponding box to track your progress through scripture. The Commentary worksheet has two pages and helps you to write your own commentary with a key verse, key lesson, and more. The final page in the Scripture section is 30 verses to memorize. Of course, memorizing any and all the scriptures is a great task to strive for, however, these are just 30 you may want to consider.

There are two pages in the Prayer section of the binder, one for requests and the other is prompts for your prayer journaling. The Requests page includes prayers for yourself, your family, government leaders, teachers and spiritual guides, the poor and sick, and more.

The final section of the binder is the Growth section and includes a worksheet of books you may want to read to help you grow closer to God and a Sermon Notes page to help you stay on task during Sunday Service.

I designed this binder for the purpose of helping me and you grow closer to Jesus through the three most important things in my opinion. I believe the spiritual journey requires regular time in the scriptures, praying daily, and receiving the encouragement from learning about the journeys of others through reading and hearing thier testimonies.

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