Why Read the Saints

This is one of those “Catholic things,” I know. There are so many saints that you’ll probably find one that has a journey similar to yours. The reason we have Confirmation saints is because we can get encouragement from learning more about them. They have walked this earth just like we are and thy have reached the great prize, Heaven! Heaven should be the goal for all of us, but that takes some effort. Reading the lives of the saints can teach us so much. Here are some things I’ve learned from some of my favorites:

  1. Pray through the mundane: St. Catherine of Siena was forced to do chores rather than pray. So she decided to pray while she worked.
  2. The worst sinners make the best saints: St. Francis of Assisi was a mess, and I mean a mess! But by the grace of God, he has become of the Church’s most popular saints.
  3. It’s okay to aks questions: St. Augustine has taught me that we can ask God questions. We can observed the world and people, ask questions and explore the things around us.

Too many people think the saints are all perfect. The truth is, they all started imperfect, just like us. But by the grace of God, spiritual practices, and supreme virtuousness they were able to become perfect and receive their heavenly prize. God’s grace is in the heart of each of us. We need only listen, and reading the lives of the saints can help!

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