Wife Qualities: Honest

A wife should always be open with her husband, about everything. 

Wives always say, “don’t tell my I husband I spent…,” “don’t tell Dad I bought…” I even heard a woman say to a group of girls, “Use the Husband Payment Plan for your purchase today. A little cash, a little on the credit card, and a little in a check. He’ll never be able to track it.” That can’t be good! I think husbands and wives should know what the  family money is going to.

I’ve heard many couples, my parents included, that don’t make a purchase without discussing it wit their spouse if the cost is above a certain number. I like that idea because the wife doesn’t come home with Louis Vuitton luggage and the husband doesn’t come home with a 70″ flat screen. A couple should converse about big ticket items but I also think small items should also be discussed. Both people should have an understanding of the finances in the household and have the capacity to budget together. One of the great things about marriage is you have an accountability partner. Wives who choose not to tell their husbands about their spending are rejecting partnership, which is a pretty major part of marriage.

One way I’m open about my spending is I take my dad to the grocery store with me. Nearly every time I go to the bookstore (where most of my money goes), I take my brother with me. I hardly ever eat out without my mom. Because of the gift of family, we can practice being open with them in order to prepare us to be open with a husband.

Wish me luck this week…Next week will be about being gentle.

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WQ Honest

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