Wife Qualities: Supportive

A wife should always stand next to her husband, no matter how ridiculous the idea. 

I was watching reality TV one time and a woman was out to dinner with her husband and another couple. He had suggested some new business idea that he wanted to seriously explore, but she thought it was foolish. She shared her very strong feelings, one may even say rudely, in front of the other couple. This turned into a minor disagreement at the dinner table that was sufficient enough to make the other couple uncomfortable. It made me uncomfortable and I was in my living room!

This observation got me thinking about how men really need support from their wives, especially in public. Woman is designed to be man’s helpmeet, that means standing with him. Though, it doesn’t mean allowing him to make reckless decisions. Instead, assisting him in his decision making and allowing him the space to suggest new ideas.

I’m going to work on this by supporting my family. Although I think golf is a waste of a few hours, I will not discourage my dad from taking lessons. Although I don’t care for video games and think they can waste several hours, I will support my brother and his tournaments. At times, it is best for me not to share an opinion, rather share kind words of support and love.

Wish me luck…next week is about being honest.

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WQ supportive

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