6 Things in Atlanta

Oh yeah, y’all, today we’re taking the Dram City Trip series to Hotlanta! The extent of my knowledge of this SEC city is found in reality TV, which I’m sure does not accurately represent the city or her people. So as an uncultured girl, I’d like to see some of the more authentic aspects of Atlanta, Georgia. Here are the top six things I’d like to see on a Dream Atlanta Trip:

  1. College Football Hall of Fame: I love sports, especially football. You may have noticed my SEC reference in the introduction of this post. I don’t think I could go to Atlanta without seeing the Hall of Fame. 760 schools are represent and a colossal wall of helmets, there is an indoor field, and a giant interactive touch screen highlighting national champions and Heinemann winners.
  2. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site: The birth home of the Civil Rights leader has been turned into a national treasure commemorating the great work of Dr. King to unify our country. The DREAM Gallery shows his tireless work toward equality and highlights the relationships between civil rights leaders and Washington leadership which helped push our country toward a more perfect union. It also has a beautiful world peace rose garden, and I love roses.
  3. Cathedral of Christ the King: This spectacular piece of French Neo-Gothic architecture sits on four beautiful acres. The church has tall, grand, wooden doors that make me think of the Year of Mercy. I hope many of my brothers and sisters walked through those doors and found what it means to have Christ as the King of their lives. Perhaps this Catholic millennial will get the opportunity to see some of those people and ask them!
  4. Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse: This place just looks like so much fun. Go see a show, have a couple drinks, just relax and have an enjoyable evening. According to the website, advanced ticket purchase is optimal but walk ins are welcome if space allows. I think this would be a must see for me. Food + drinks + Shakespeare = a very happy girl.
  5. Center for Civil and Human Rights: Our young country has come a very long way since 1776. I’m proud to say I’m an American because of all the work our forefathers have done for equal rights for every person in this country. Of course, the challenge isn’t over; but we must remember and celebrate how far we have come. This Center seems to be dedicated to highlighting our country’s journey and preserving through advocating for more inclusivity at home and abroad.
  6. Atlanta Botanical Garden: They have cooking and art classes! I can’t really “do art.” but I at least pretend I can cook. This place sounds like so much fun. They also have a massive conservatory with plants and animals from tropical and desert climates.

Atlanta seems like a fun, historically significant, and culturally diverse city. I think it has far more to offer than just the drama found on reality TV, and I’d love to see it.

If you have any suggestions of things to see in Atlanta, please put them in the comments below. Also check out the other posts in this series and subscribe to see new posts and vlogs…someday. If you enjoyed this post, consider sharing on social media, and become a supporter of TheGenFem, here.

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