Avoiding Sin

Obviously we should avoid sin and everything that may cause us to sin. But we can’t live in a box. Let’s first define sin: Anything that leads us away from God. These temptations are different for everyone. In my YouTube videos, the keen eye may notice my Harry Potter books. My mom asked me one day if I was comfortable having them showing when I’m supposed to be talking about my faith. The truth is, the series is part of my past and present (and hopefully, my future). Although it’s about magic, it is so much more. It is about love, friendship, bravery, wisdom, teamwork, family, and sacrifice. Yes, scripture tells us magic is bad several times. It also says we should seek love, friendship, bravery, wisdom, teamwork, family, and sacrifice. Enjoying Harry Potter doesn’t make me want to do magic. It makes me want to be part of something bigger than myself, to save the world from the powers of evil and darkness. Magic is not my sin and I don’t feel tempted by Harry Potter.

On the other hand, anger, rage, and aggression are my sins. Gossip, revenged deception are mine, too. I used to love the show Mob Wives on Vh1. But the more I watched it, the shorter my patience and the larger my anger. I took stock of how I was feeling when I watched the show and found it pulled me away from virtuousness. Other people can watch the show and not be tempted. They’ll see wives and mothers who love their families and are forgiving toward their friends. It’s not necessarily a bad show, it is about how we respond to it that can be detrimental.

In order to avoid sin, we have to first recognize what leads us to it. When you find yourself confessing the same sins over and over again, consider what you have in your life that may be tempting you. It’s different for each of us. You have to pray on it, discern and listen to what God may be asking you to give up. Then pray for the grace necessary to let go of that temptation. His grace is sufficient, we need only to have open hearts and open minds.

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