The Original Men in Black

I saw a picture similar to this on Pinterst once and thought it was funny. It also made me think quite a bit about priests and their vocations. The Men in Black search out aliens and help them assimilate into the rest of society. Priests search out lost souls and help them assimilate into God’s heavenly society. Both jobs (one more than the other) are important to the individual as well as the larger culture the benefits from their presence.

I also think priests are superheroes. I really love Marvel, in case you couldn’t tell. But I think priests should be the superheroes of we look up to. One day during Lent I went to Confession and Mass. As expected, it was packed. Father Smiles was hearing Confessions along with Father Toes. A few minutes before mass was supposed to start, the light above Father Smiles’ confessional went off (off=no confession, red=someone’s confessing, green=your turn!) Thought that was peculiar and I thought it was even more strange when he left the confessional. I’d never seen that before, but I assumed he had to go to the little priest’s room or something. But suddenly Mass started and guess who was presiding over liturgy. Father Smiles! After Mass there was still a line for Reconciliation and before I had time for my post Mass thanksgiving prayer, he was back to hearing confessions.

In this moment I decided priests were superheroes. They completely sacrifice themselves for the love of God’s people. Captain America let the Winter Soldier beat him up because they were best friends. Father let us beat up on them in the confessional because we are all God’s best friends.

I praise God for the original Men in Black and I pray they continue to feel the support of laity. It is far from an easy job, but someone has to do it!

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