The hardest aspect of relationships, in my opinion, is trust. This is true of all relationships including my relationship with the Lord. I often see the image of the Sacred Heart at church from the Divine Mercy which says, “Jesus, I trust in you.” Each time I go to chapel i say this, some days I mean it and some days I don’t. Trust is difficult because it means we are giving up control.

I’ve said it before, my sin is pride. I like to think I can do things that I can’t do, that I don’t need help from others, and that the world revolves around me. All of that is, of course, nonsense. But out of my own fallen state, this is my thought process. It makes friendships difficult and is burdensome on my relationship with Christ. The only thing he asks of us is to trust him. We think Catholicism has this long list of rules and prohibitions but the truth is, they can all be summed up with “Jesus, I trust in you.”

What is faith? Trusting in the things that can’t be seen. What is hope? Trusting in tomorrow. What is love? Trusting that you can give all of yourself to another. All he asks of us is trust, and the only thing my pride doesn’t want me to give him is trust.

I think I can control things and solve problems but can I? No, of course not. It is only by the grace of God that I wake up each morning. When we fall into the temptation of our own abilities being greater than Christ’s, we fall into this lack of trust. Each moment of each day we must trust Jesus. Every time we drive, we trust that other people won’t run lights. We trust them more easily that we trust our Savior? That’s crazy! He loves us more than his own life, so much he knows the number of hairs on our heads, so completely that he has known his plans for us since the foundation of the universe.

How can we learn to trust him more? We have to always remember that he must increase and we must decrease. Through humility we trust Blessed are the poor in spirit. Trust is what our relationship with the Lord depends on. It is what we are required to give.

Living out this reckless abandonment to divine providence is daunting to say the least. When the Lord places something on your heart, don’t ask questions! Follow the will of the Lord obediently and diligently. That is what trust looks like in action. Think of the trust Mary has when the angel Gabriel comes to her. We have to follow her example of trust. Jesus will never leave us or forsake us. He waits for us and walks with us in our journey. We have to trust in him always. When our pride inevitably gets in the way of that trust, take a moment and pray. The only thing he asks from us is trust.

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