How Often Should We Pray

St. Paul tells us to pray without ceasing. Well…that was a short post! In all reality, it is very hard to pray constantly but this is what we are told to do. To do this, in a practical way, is to devote segments of outlives to prayer. The first and last 10 minutes of everyday should be in prayer. When you are in the bathroom, pray. When you are alone in the car, pray. Spend all of your time praying.

Prayer in its raw form is just a conversation with the Lord. We must have more conversations with him than anyone else. We must spend more time seeking him than we are seeking anything else. Christ alone can save us, Christ alone should be at the top of our priorities. Family, work, and sports are fine, but we are to love the Lord our God above all other things.

Pray without ceasing. Prayers should be like air or water to us. Don’t go a moment without breathing life into your relationship with the Lord.

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