3 Ways to Become a Better Catholic

Being Catholic is awesome, but it’s no walk in the park. Here are three ways to help us grow as Catholics:

  1. Frequent and regular reception of the Sacraments: For most, daily Mass is insane, for some weekly Mass is crazy. For those of us who are trying to grow in our faith, I’d recommend getting to Mass more often. Twice a week would show great commitment and help in our sanctification. There are an infinite number of graces found in the Mass and we should take advantage of them. Every time we get to go to Mass it’s an opportunity we should take. Receiving our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament can help propel us through the week with an increase in virtue. The second sacrament we should be receiving more often is Reconciliation. Some only go once per year, some once in a lifetime, others once per month. No matter how often you go to Confession, consider increasing your frequency. Pride is my sin and going to Confession regularly reminds me my place in the world and Christ’s place in my life.
  2. Holy Hour: Prayer is so important for our souls because it is the time our hearts have to connect with Jesus. Take your prayer life seriously. The first thing every priest has asked me when I’m going through trials is, “How’s prayer going?” Ugh, sometimes I hat that question. But prayer is where we find peace, understanding, and acceptance of the Divine will.
    My favorite place to pray is in the Adoration Chapel and many holy people would encourage visiting the Blessed Sacrament each day. Pope Francis, Pope Saint John Paul II, and Saint Theresa of Calcutta would all recommend spending an hour a day with Jesus to connect their hearts to his.
  3. Volunteering: We are called to love our neighbors and we can do that through volunteer work. There are so many organizations that can use a diligent pair of hands. Each of us should have the life goal of leaving the wold a little better than the way we found it. Allow Christ’s love to shine through you and onto others.
    Volunteering can help us recognize how small we are in the world and make us grateful for what we have. We all need to remember that when we die, all we take with us is love. Practice love and mercy by ministering to the people around you. God has placed people in our lives that need our joy so we must pour our hearts into them.

I love being Catholic and I wouldn’t be anything else. My peace, strength, and joy all come from Jesus, which is important because being Catholic isn’t easy. Once I began putting these three things not practice, it made life more simple.

My prayer for you today is to grow closer to Christ and neighbor through the sacraments, prayer, and others.

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2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Become a Better Catholic

    1. YES! I actually just got an email from a youth ministry leader who had a friend that used to say “a Christian alone, is a Christian in danger.” Having community is so important to hold us accountable and support us on our journey. They also have so much to teach us about our faith. We are all in different places and on different journeys, we really need to support one another. Great tip!


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