What is a Stay-at-Home Daughter

During my with journey online I came across a subculture of Christian women called stay-at-home daughters The name is self-explanatory but the concept is foreign. I tried to become one of these stay-at-home daughters without my parents realizing and things didn’t go very well at first.

The families of these stay-at-home daughters tend to be more fundamental. They seem to embrace traditional gender roles and see the benefits from having women at home. A stay-at-home daughter is similar to a stay-at-home mom, without the children. I found during my research that many of these young ladies find joy in serving their families and learning what it means to be a keeper of the home. Their families support them in this because Mom usually is a stay-at-home mom and recognizes the importance of raising daughters who will love their husbands and be busy at home.

My challenge is that my parents are modernist. I tend to swing pretty far into the traditional side which baffles them since they didn’t raise me this way. I embrace fully the words of Titus 2 and I have a desire to be a keeper of my home. My parents want me to go to college, get a good job, marry when I’m 30, have a child or two, and return around 70 with a good 401k. For many that would be a great life! That’s the life my parents have and in general they seem pretty happy about it. This is not the dream I have for my life, and I pray it’s not God’s plan for my life.

Education in one’s preferred field of employment is very important. So important, 20 year olds are putting themselves $50,000 in debt for it. I agree education is important, but it helps when it is relatively cheap and in the field you want to work in. My desired field is the home, my job title of choice is matriarch. This means my education should consist of cooking, baking, cleaning, organizing, couponing, thrifting, child rearing, volunteering, etc. All of these things should be done in my household under the direction of my parents.

Many young people these days begin working, interning, and developing portfolios for their desired field. A stay-at-home daughter does the same. These women are writers, artists, and small business owners all while caring for their loved ones. It is possible in today’s age of the internet to make money from home. The girls are talented and use their gifts to crete things that will help them generate income.

I think one of the great challenges some people may have at the thought of a stay-at-home daughter is that they are lazy. the girls are apprenticing under their mothers, helping with maintaining the home and caring for younger children; they are creative and use their talents to make money; they are generous with their time and volunteer and spend time in prayer. “Lazy” is not a word I would use to describe these young ladies.

For those of you who are stay-at-home daughters, I commend you for the work you do. You have encouraged me to pursue my dream and learn my craft. To those who are considering becoming a stay-at-home daughter, be patterned with your parents. Explain the benefits of you being at home and remember the fourth commandment. To those of you who think this entire concept is crazy, I would challenge you to consider how this lifestyle could impact the world. I have found that the objection some have to the stay-at-home daughter movement is that they are oppressed by their fathers and will one day be oppressed by their husbands. It’s my opinion that men are fully capable of loving and caring for their daughters and wives, therefore they should be given the opportunity to show it. I’d also question whether or not the nay sayers feel oppressed by their bosses, corporate America, and the financial systems.

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