Eucharist is a Privilege

Today during Mass I watched as my brothers and sisters received Jesus. One brother in particular, stirred my heart. He knelt down in front of Father and Father offered the Host. This man looked down, ashamed, and shook his head. Father then gave him a blessing and the man I got up. As he walked away, I saw pain in his eyes. The kind of emotional pain that is so deep, it turns into physical pain. I burst into tears.

This event reminded me of two things. First, it’s a privilege to be Catholic. Not everyone will accept this opportunity and we are so blessed to be Catholic. What other nation is like us, that the Savior of the world is present to them? It made me think of what an honor it is to be able to receive Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. Jesus presents himself as a gift to us to help us present ourselves as a gift to him. The love of the Lord is too big for us to ever imagine.

As Catholics, we need to realize how lucky we are. We win the spiritual lottery at every Mass! Do we act like it? Do we live like it? I don’t! Seeing my brother in Christ today reminded me of how blessed we are. Like any good sister I went straight to Mom and Dad to shine grace, forgiveness, love, and mercy on the man. This action given to me by the Spirit made me think of the Beatitudes. Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. I have found peace from praying for my fellow Catholic and I am at peace knowing that God loves him infinitely! It is the will of God that his children go home to him and this man is privileged enough to be Catholic.

My prayer today is that we run to the Sacrament of Mercy (Confession) and grace (Eucharist) as often as possible. The sacraments are a tremendous gift the Lord has bestowed upon us and we have the privilege of receiving them.

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