I’m a Princess

Often in prayer, the Lord refers to me as his daughter or his princess. One day, Father Smiles was telling a group of young people, we are all princes and princesses in the eyes of God. The greatest gift in baptism is that we become sons and daughters to the Divine. But many of us don’t see the responsibilities associated with being an heir in the Kingdom.

Royalty had the responsibility to protect and provide for the people. Kings, queens, and princes, and princesses had to help the country by showing moral support during times of war, strength in times of trail, wisdom in foreign affairs, and humility in times of economic distress. These are all things we are called to do as well. We must support our brothers and sisters by encouraging them to continue to grow in faith, hope, and love. We must constantly grow in wisdom by spending time in prayer and scripture each day. In all things we are called to live with humility as our Queen (Mary) does. Responsibility is in the job description of a princess and we all have to take it seriously.

Behavior is another thing we sometimes forget. When we say we’re Catholic, people expect certain things from us. We aren’t perfect, but we have to practice daily character refinement. We all want to be saints and we do that by growing in perfect love. This task takes a lifetime but is important that we work toward that goal. Prince Harry of Great Britain was a wild child and it caused public issues. The same way the royal family expects the price to behave with a certain level of discretion, so too Christ ask us to behave. It is our responsibility to represent Jesus to the world. Can we do that if we are also acting wild?

When I tell people I’m a princess, they usually think I’m being self-centered and spoiled. This assessment isn’t wrong. In baptism I began an intimate relationship with the Most Holy Trinity, and received infinite graces from the King of Kings. I am very spoiled! But with great power comes great responsibility and I owe it to my King to love the people he has left in my care. It is our responsibility to support, encourage, and care for all those the Lord has placed in our path.

My challenge today is that you act like the princess you are.

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