He’s Not Your Savior

One of the things I have observed in the relationships around me are unrealistic expectations. This can be said of both men and women but based on my position, I’m going to speak to women. We all have a God shaped hole in our hearts that can only be filled by Him. The trouble with today’s culture is that we try to stuff that hole with other things, including guys around us. He isn’t your savior, Christ alone is your Savior. Don’t put pressure on him to do things he just can’t do or become someone he isn’t meant to become. He also isn’t a superhero. He will make mistakes, be selfish, and drive you nuts but all from a place of love. Therefore, out of love you should respect and honor him.

Now for my single sisters, if you are in a bad situation, don’t expect to find someone to rescue you. One of the reasons I have written several posts about being content is that I have seen the girls around me dissatisfied with certain areas of life so they are just waiting for Prince Charming to carry them away. I’m not throwing stones here, because I have done the same thing. God has placed a desire to marry on my heart so I can just wait for my husband, right? No! If I’m not happy with some aspect of my life, I need to change it, not wait for some guy to pull me out of it. He’s not God and he can’t work miracles unless he is being used by God.

Poor men have these dreams of salvation trust upon them. We expect Prince Charming to carry us away on a unicorn to our castle on a private island. That doesn’t exist. The truth is, we have to take responsibility for ourselves by trusting God and working hard. We have to support and love the men the Lord has placed in our lives and not discourage or belittle them when they make mistakes. God alone is God and men are men. Never get the two confused.

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