Making Your House a Home: Taste

This one is my favorite because I like to cook and I love treats. My dad used to say to make a delicious meal, you have to cook with love. The food your family eats is very important to their physical, mental, and emotional health. Studies are done on children to find the correlation between the junk food they eat and their performance in the classroom. Taste is probably the most important of the five senses because it impacts the rest of one’s life.

To start with, use great ingredients. Overly processed food is cheap but it’s junk. If there is anything you should be spending extra money on, it’s food. I’m not saying you have to only shop at Whole Foods if you love your family but you should know that you are putting in their bodes. Be an educated consumer by reading labels and researching the ingredients. You should also try using the know materials wherever possible. Fresh ingredients will always be better than processed. Plus, fresh, locally grown organic fruits and veggies taste so much better. You can also try growing some things on your own and learning to preserve from your own kitchen. Using fresh ingredients that are healthy doesn’t have to cost a fortune but you may have to look for the best deals.

You also should enjoy cooking. When you enjoy doing something, it shows in your work. Many don’t like to cook, but when you are only cooking because you have to, it shows in the food. Slow down, take your tie, and develop your craft. If dinner is at 6:00, don’t start thinking about what you’re going to make at 5:30pm. Look through your cookbooks and find a recipe you’d like to try. Better yet, have your family look through the cookbook and allow each one to choose a different recipe for you to try. Cooking should be fun so do it with your loved ones.

The most important thing I want you to know is that what you are feeding your family matters. Food is one of the most fundamental aspects of life. Take your job as a head chef seriously. Once you have created a great meal, enjoy it tougher as a family. There is no better way to connect at the end of the day than over a fabulous meal. This can set the tone for your home. For many, the kitchen is the central nervous system so keep your pantry stocked with healthy food for a healthy family.

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