Make Your House a Home: Touch

Last time we looked at how what your family sees can help draw them closer to God and closer to one another. Today I’d like to write about how you can use textures and surfaces in your home to make it feel more inviting.

I love plush pillows and comfortable seating. I also love saving money. Often the furniture that is most beautiful and most comfortable i also the most expensive. As an alternative, you can try making things yourself. Subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel and I’ll make some crafty tutorials, especially pillows. They are great for your seating areas and bedrooms. The joys of making things yourself are: a job well done, cheap, and you can change them anytime. I know many people who like to change things up according to the seasons, that can get costly. If you learn how to make things yourself, it can be much cheaper. Plus, no one else will have what you have. you can even start a craft business if you want.

Pillows are great, but don’t stop there, make your own couch covers. Again, buy a cheap couch and cover it with an awesome fabric that is comfortable and easy to maintain. The bedroom should be the Holy of Holies in the sanctuary of your home. Learn to knit soft blankets so you and your loved ones can snuggle up in warmth during the cold months.

Consider the clothes your family wears. Are they comfortable? Make sure everyone is comfortable in everything they have. I have worn uncomfortable clothing at it ruins my mood. Don’t let them suffer, too.

Now that we have talked about the many fabrics that could cause discomfort, let’s move on some other things. Glass tables are nice, but they’re far from practical specially with kiddos. Purchase furniture that makes sense in your house. If you are empty nesters, embrace the lass. If not, you may want to reconsider. My mom loves glass water goblets, but we break them all the time. Perhaps you only need to bring the glassware out on special occasions and use ceramic in your day-to-day life.

Again, the bedroom is the Holy of Holies. It is an absolute must to have a bed that is exactly what you need. Test several beds and find out if you life soft, hard, or somewhere in between. The beds are probably the most important because they are our place of rest and comfort at the end of the day and they set the stage for the day ahead. Make sure the beds are comfortable.

One last thing I’d like to point out is carpet. Many people don’t like carpet because it is difficult to keep clean and it isn’t as modern. I’m an old school girl and I would rather take the time to clean carpet than to wake up and have cold feet. Home renovations are a huge pain, but if you re already remodeling, I suggest you strongly consider your flooring options. If you already have hard floor, choose nice rugs that feel fantastic between your toes and are aesthetically pleasing.

Next time we are going to talk about taste…MMMMM. We have already gone over sight, now we have finished touch, I can’t wait for the delicious treats can bring comfort to your family and foster an environment of togetherness. Subscribe to the right and have the rest of this series on making your house a home sent straight to your inbox.

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