Luke 2:19

So often the Lord places something on my heart and it just sits there, unused. At times I get a twinge in my heart that there is something that needs to be uncovered. I often refer to these things as boxes. I imagine a box with a thought topic written on it and inside is all the sub-thoughts associated with that topic. It isn’t until the box is empty that I feel like I’ve gotten to the bottom of the situation. There are times I ignore the giant box. This usually happens because God is calling me to change somethings. I tend to be a bit hardheaded and I avoid the boxes that will make me change my life.

That is until the box weighs too heavily and I have to take it to chapel. I love chapel, it’s a great place to unpack the boxes. It is in this space that I am able to reflect, meditate, pray, and read my way toward God. He allows us this space to get to know him better. Reflecting on the things he has placed within us helps us gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Our Lady had all these qualities because she reflected on these things in her heart all the time. She was completely focused and dedicated to the Lord. Each day she grew in wisdom because each day she was reflecting. Her entire life was a reflection.

She is a great example to us in so many ways. I pray today that we will become more reflective. I will try to stop ignoring the boxes that will cause me to change my life, instead make life a perpetual reflection. I wish to grow in my relationship with God and this can be done by living a contemplative life, like Mary.

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