Matthew 5:19

In this Gospel, the Lord is telling us the importance of following the law. Jesus tells us that he did not come to abolish the law because it will still be necessary until heaven and earth pass away. Many of my brothers and sisters think that since Jesus has already died for our sins, there is no need to be under the law. We see here that this idea is incorrect…well sort of.

The reason many people feel this ways is because Romans 6:14b says that we don’t need to be under the law when we are under grace and the Spirit. The problem with that is that we are fallen creatures. None of us is operating fully under the Spirit, because if we were we would be perfect, we would never sin. I always think about the woman caught in adultery when I think about the idea of not reading the law. Jesus says, “He who is without sin shall cast the first stone.” Then everyone walks away because no one is perfect except the one who says, “Nor do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.”

I recently committed a sin. As I brought my sin to the foot of the cross, I asked the Lord for the grace “to go and sin no more.” He said to my heart, You must live in me, and I in you. Allow your mouth to be governed by my Spirit. I will not cause you to sin, but you must allow me the opportunity. Before you committed this sin, you paused. You wanted to obey me but you allowed your pride to get in the way. Pride is the root of all sin and it is only through taking delight in God’s laws that we humble ourselves before the judgment seat of Christ.

The law isn’t going anywhere. We must know it and live it. This is what the Lord is asking of us. When we are obeying the law without thought we must rejoice in the Holy Spirit because we are conforming ourselves to him. In moments of sin we must reflect on the laws given to us and bring them to the Mercy Seat and humbly ask our Lord for forgiveness and our Lady for guidance. As Christ forgives us, the Blessed Mother will allocate the graces to us that are necessary for our return to cooperation with the Holy Spirit. It is my prayer today that we will all seek joy in the Father’s laws and not feel confined by them, rather free to live in peace and joy with our Lord.

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