Matthew 5:12

This Gospel is the Beatitudes. I love the Beatitudes because they are a good way to determine a life in the service of the Lord or if we are serving ourselves. To be honest, I’m usually serving myself, but it’s nice to have a gauge. The question I asked today in prayer was, how do we get to heaven.

We see in verse 12 that our reward will be great in heaven, but how do we get there? The Beatitudes are our answer. We must be poor in spirit, mourn, meek, we must hunger and thirst for righteousness, we must be merciful, clean of heart, a peacemaker, and be persecuted for the sake of righteousness. In more practical terms what does this mean? It goes back to the two Great Commandments of loving God and neighbor. We get to heaven through love.

I see in this passage that I am to rejoice when I’m persecuted and be glad when I mourn. These things don’t sound like fun, but the truth is, that is how we love. I should rejoice when I’m being persecuted because that shows my test of faith. Is my love for God strong enough to face difficult situations? I must be glad while mourning because it means that I have united my heart to a brother or sister in need. Is my love for others strong enough to support and love them through difficult times?

Every moment the Lord is drawing us closer to him and in moments of trial our faith is tested. Will we have the patience to endure these temporary trials because we know this is not the end? In light of eternity should this be a big deal? We must use every opportunity given to us to serve God and love one another, not only that, but also find the joy in everything because we have hope. My prayer for us today is that we will draw closer to heaven and one another through love.

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