Mark 14:24

This Gospel is the Last Supper. The disciples go into the city to prepare the Passover feast, then Jesus eats his final meal with his friends. It is during this final meal that two sacraments are instituted. First is Holy Orders second is the Eucharist. Today I’d like to write about the Eucharist.

God is merciful. There are many adjectives to describe who God is and mercy always makes the list. Of course we see this in the life and Passion of Christ. For God so loved the world that he sent his only son. Because I love the Old Testament and seeing how God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, let’s look at Genesis and the story of The Fall. If you’ll notice, at the end of chapter 2 we see Adam and Eve naked together. After the fall, God gives Adam and Eve the gift of sex as a foretaste of the bliss of heaven. They have been kicked out of the Garden of Eden where they could walk with God and if it isn’t for his mercy they would never have a taste of what his love was like ever again. It is in his mercy that they, and we, have this gift.

In the same way at the Last Supper we see Jesus’ mercy over flow into the chalice of salvation. After we sin and fall short of the glory of God, he literally pours his mercy into us through the Holy Eucharist. Each time we sin we go to our Lord in the Sacrament of Reconciliation then we go to him in the Sacrament of the Eucharist where he gives us a taste of what heaven will be like. Our Lord wills for us to be united with him. This has been his desire from the beginning and it wasn’t until after the fall that we became aware of what it means to be away from him. Luckily, our Father is love and he is mercy and he pulls us back to him time and time again. He grants us many gifts even though we are so unworthy of them, but that is what love is, giving all you are to those who may fall short of reciprocating.

My prayer for us today is to accept the gifts he gives out of his abundant mercy. May we always recognize them as ways to get us back to him. Let us draw closer to him and be mindful of the tastes of heaven that he gives to us while we are on earth.

2 thoughts on “Mark 14:24

  1. Lexie, such a great message…and so important today as so many are suffering in this world. We need to be mindful and appreciative of the gifts we are given and stop taking advantage of that. I just read through your “About GenFem” page and clearly you are an amazing, beautiful, intelligent woman who is going to reach a lot of people with your wonderful blog. Just yesterday, I discovered a blog written by a young woman I know and I think you may really enjoy her message as well (although she only 3 posts to date). Her name is Devin and her blog is While I Wait | Psalm 62. You can find it here… Keep doing this powerful work that you are doing!



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