Mark 12:44

This Gospel tells of the poor widow dropping a few coins quietly into the collection basket in the synagogues. Many others contributed but she was noticed by Jesus because she had nothing. He called his disciples over to tell them that her offering is worth more because it is all she has while the others only give some of what they have.

I have heard and red a lot about the poor widow. We should all gibe the way she does, with humble hands giving all that we have. ALL that we have. It wasn’t until today that I noticed Christ’s words, “her whole livelihood.” It also wasn’t until today that I considered the Lord talking about something other than money.

Obviously in this story he is talking about money, but what other areas of our lives can this apply to? I’m listening to a Lighthouse Catholic Media CD by Father Larry Richards where he explains that God’s will for us is to be with him but we also have to will to be with him. And when both parties will to be together, we snap our fingers twice and BAM there we are with God. Ummmm….not exactly. The way we get to be  with him is for our will to be God’s will, his applies to our income, our vocations, and our free time. Every moment we have the opportunity to do the will of our Father in heaven. The question is, will we?

Jesus has asked me to do something I don’t want to do. I am doing it, but with a reluctant heart. I know this is what he wants for me and I know that my life is meant to be in service of him. But I also know that he wants to me to do it joyfully and out of a pure heart. I want to be doing something else. I have been spending the last few weeks in prayer asking the Lord when I will be able to leave this situation he has put me in. The problem with this is that I am not giving my livelihood to him. He doesn’t ask me to do his will while I kick and scream. He doesn’t ask me to follow him halfway. He wants me to jump with both feet into this task he has given me and not keep one foot out for what may be. I must give up my livelihood to follow him with a joyful heart because it is in doing the will of God that we find peace.

My prayer today is that we will all give up our livelihood to Christ. I pray that we will offer him our hearts, minds, bodies, hopes, and dreams to do his will with joy and gladness.

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