Mark 12:24

In this Gospel the Sadducees ask Jesus about the Resurrection. They do not believe in the resurrection of the dead at the end of time. They ask Jesus about something Moses wrote in Deuteronomy 25 about what happens to the wife of a brother who dies. Moses says that the brother shall marry the woman and raise children in the name of the deceased. The Sadducees question what happens if she marries all the brothers and they all die, then whose wife is she in heaven. Our Lord’s response is that no one in heaven is given in marriage. But he also points out that God is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living because we are all alive with him in heaven.

When Jesus is refuting the Sadducees, he asks them if they are misled because they do not know the scriptures or because they do not know the power of God. I think this is a good question to ask ourselves. We all struggle with sin and sometimes it is because we do not know or understand God’s word or because we don’t have a firm understanding of who he is.

I have heard people say that the sacraments are not necessary. To those people, they do not know the scriptures. In a moment like this I should have pointed out how the Eucharist type is present in Sacred Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. They have been misled by people that do not understand the scripture or the sacraments. The only way each of us can prevent this from happening is to be in God’s word daily. The bible is one of the greatest resources we have yet we hardly ever use it. The Good Book should be used to create a dialogue between us and the Most High. This will help us to not be misled as the Sadducees were. Knowing the word of God, and it’s correct interpretation (not just any random person, but one that is in line with the Church) is how we can combat those who would speak against Christ or his bride.

The second thing Jesus mentions is the power of God. When was the last time you took stock of how powerful God is? I don’t do it nearly enough! Actually, I’m willing to bet none of us do. Every moment the very fabric of reality doesn’t unwind because of the sheer power of the Most High. So if every second of everyday isn’t spent marveling at the fact that we have reality because the Lord wills it so, we aren’t noticing enough. I say this to encourage you to find some of the ways God’s power has amazed you. For me, it is the Eucharist, birds, and birth and death. In all these things I am in awe of the incredible power of God. When we take a few minutes to reflect about all that the Lord has done, is doing, and will do, we become a testimony to others. We can help them to find the peace Christ has given us.

My prayer for us today is that none of us will be misled. I want all of us to go to the Lord in his word and in his creation to encounter him. The more frequently we encounter the true voice of Christ, the less of an opportunity the voice of the world will have to mislead us. The voice of the world wants to turn us from our Savior, so the only way to stay strong is to stay close to him. Make note of three awesome things God has done each day and spend time prayerfully reading scripture each day. It is only through this can we discern the voice of the Lord and put to reset the voice of the world.

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