Dream Milwaukee Trip



Here we are again for another installment of my Dream City Trips. If you’ve missed any of the others, you can catch up here. Basically the idea is I have a dream (like Rapunzel) to see our beautiful country one Roman Catholic diocese at a time. I would like to visit each of the archdiocese and all of the 50 states. Therefore, this series documents six things from each city I would like to see. I would love to make this trip an epic year and a half long road trip, but we’ll see how that works. For now, let’s go through some cool places in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

  1. Harley Davidson Museum: If I’m honest, I don’t really like or care about motorcycles. But Harley Davidson is an American icon. I guess it would be kinda cool to check it out.
  2. Pabst Theater: I’m pretty sure this place is named after the beer. We midwesterners take our domestic brews very seriously. But I’m not a drinker, so I’d go for the theater. I’ve never been to a concert before and Kari Jobe will be there this fall. I like Kari Jobe and a Christian concert would be the perfect compliment to the Catholic millennial road trip.
  3. Discovery World: This place is an interactive hands-on science and technology center. It looks like it has exhibits for many of the different branches of science including biology, physics, and engineering.
  4. Villa Terrace Decorative Art Museum: This beautiful place houses art and homewares from the 15th to 18th centuries. It would be lovely to see some of the different rooms to compare and contrast their pieces.
  5. Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist: This cathedral is built in a Zopfstil (German neoclassical) style. The top cross looks like a monstrance with a center circle and rays poking out. The interior looks grand with massive pipes for the organ, tall pillars, and what I think is a giant crown of thorns hovering over the altar.
  6. Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory: Ya’ll know I love plants and conservatories. I think there are three domes: desert dome, tropical dome, and floral show dome. They have a really cool exhibit right now of beautiful purple flowers everywhere. It’s a bit of a bummer it will be over at the end of summer. If any of my readers happen to see it, please send photos; purple is my favorite color.

If you have any ideas of places to see or tips for traveling, please put them in the comments below. Subscribe for more posts in this series and to see a Milwaukee Travel Diary, someday.

In an effort to pay for this trip, I have created a Patreon page. I would greatly appreciate your contribution and financial support.

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