August Goals

Since it is the first day of the August, I’ve decided to write down some of goals for this month. I probably won’t accomplish all of them. Which is why I’m not calling it a plan. Instead, these are the things I’m going to be directing my attention on this month. Another point I want to mention is that July was a very tough month for me: emotionally, spiritually, and socially. My hope for August is to put life back in order and refocus my attention on what matters. So let’s do this:

  1. Attend Mass five days per week. As I said, it was a tough month for me spiritually, Praise God for his unending mercy and constant grace. Mass is the greatest way to feed the Holy Spirit within me to grow closer the Father by becoming more like Jesus. I am blessed to live in an area with several churches offering a variety of Mass times. I intend to take advantage of this by encountering Christ at the altar.
  2. Write everyday. I have a lot of thoughts; and, although I talk a lot, the best way for me to process my thoughts and feelings is through writing. Plus, I’ve been trying to get this blog going for years and have yet to be motivated. Maybe this will be the month.
  3. Read. I’m one of those people that either reads constantly or not at all. Lately I’ve been in a not at all phase, but it hasn’t stopped me from buying books. Therefore, I hope to get some reading done this month. Right now I am reading the Diary of St. Faustina and listening to the Game of Thrones audiobook at the gym and on my walks. Books are a great way to expand my mind and focus my attention on something more productive than my own negativity.
  4. Get outside three days per week. I trained for a 5k in spring and was getting fresh air almost everyday. Since that 5k, I’ve barely gone outside. There are a list of benefits to fresh air and sunshine. I need to start receiving those benefits on a  regular basis. A clear mind, peaceful soul, and appreciation for the simple things God has created will help me tremendously.
  5. Convince my parents to get a dog. This is, by far, the hardest goal. I really want a companion, always have. Mom hates animals, Dad doesn’t want to start trouble with Mom, and Brother is afraid of Mom. As said earlier, I’m having some social challenges. I tried to explain to Mom that I could take the dog out for walks and meet new people, he/she could help me lower my anxiety, and snuggle when I’m feeling blue. Mom pretty much told me she didn’t care about the major social issues both her children have. So…I’m in for a challenge this month. Please pray for me.

These are the five things I’m focusing on this month. As long as I’m moving toward these goals, I’ll be in a better place 31 days form now. What are your goals this month?

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